Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Melbourne Christmas

So, as you are probably aware, I was a little concerned that this Christmas may be a little tough... especially considering we have only recently lost the one person who tied us all together (Nan Fin).  After all that worry, it turned out to be completely unfounded.  We had such a great time! 

Seems that rather than being there for Nanna, we were there for each others company - and of course, a little bit for Nanna.  The day was full of love and laughter - lots of laughter - and only a few little tears!  Turns out being in Nanna's house (for the last time) was comforting and really special.  I have no doubt she was there with us... walking around having a laugh too. 

Each year we do the Kris Kringle thing... Usually, it is more a pain in the arse, than a fun present buying activity.  Every year, you can pretty much guarantee that you'll end up calling someone to find out what they'd like and in the end you end up with a voucher of some kind (I hate buying vouchers - so impersonal).  This year was different.  There was no calls... no requests... no vouchers and the result?  AWESOME presents! 

My cousin Mae and Uncle John got Micko and I (seperately), so they when in together and bought us this...


We played it in Nan's backyard for a bit and had so. much. fun!  Here are a run down in pictures...

Check out my technique... Awesome!

Oh yeah.. the technique pays off!

My bro has a crack... Billy is a great fan of spectator sports!

My Dad had to make sure the green was smooth as a babies bum... mainly cause the men where lagging well behind the fine bitches in my family!

Cousins galore...

My broski's

More Family... this isn't nearly all of them - not even almost half - we are a big family... believe me!

After Christmas lunch... We headed round to my Aunty Glenda's for the usual, debaucherous Christmas dinner.  Well, it's not so much dinner... more beers and nibbles, followed by more beers (usually champagne for me, but you know... I'm on the ban).  The other side of my family is totally rad!  We all have a kickarse time together and are great mates.  At the end of the night (actually it's usually morning) we are all completely fuckeyed and telling each other how much we love each other... good times!  Here is the mad happy bunch!

Oh and that's not all of that side of the fam either... Missing around one family (of 5 - love you guys) and my Nan - who suffers from Parkinsons and wasn't feeling up to a big day.

All in all... one helluva Christmas!  And well worth the 30 hour return trip in the car!  Billy was such a great traveller, but I think he kind of got jack of it by the end... about 2 hours from home, this is how he exacted his revenge...

That white stuff?  Yeah... that's the fluff from inside his bed!

Hope you're Christmas was as kickarse as mine!


P said...

Love your pics - looks like you had tons of fun with your new game! And it must be lovely to have nice weather for the Christmas season - it snowed here. :(

Amy said...

Your family sounds great!! And looks like you guys had a kickass time!

Glad you had a great Christmas, love:)

HeatherLynn said...

What a great looking family...and that bowling set...AWESOME! I want one! Everyone around here just plays bowling on the wii these days, I miss the days of actual instead of virtual games. :)

Your poor pooch, be he's glad to be home. No offense, but i'd of tore up my bed too after 30 hrs in the car! We all get a little nuts when we travel.

So glad to hear your family's first x-mas without Nan went so fantasticly. I'm glad you were all in good spirits....playing together, mowing...drinking...laughing. Family is a blessing in situations like that.

Happy New Year Luv.

Brown Girl said...

Great pics. What a cool gift, I love bowling! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

love all of these pics!!!!!

loving your blog too!

bananas. said...

sounds like an AWESOME christmas!!!

i love kick ass times with the fam bam like that. you can be silly and goofy whenever you want and you don't have to try.

and that gift is shiznit. i don't bowl but i'd bowl with that!



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