Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things...

Nicky, over at Snob Nicky, tagged me... as did Lucy, from Lucy's Life... So, I figured, I've been ganged up on and must take the challenge (haha).  Besides, why the hell not?  I'm slowly running out of blogspiration so at least this will allow me to think of a few future entries.  I also need a bit of reminding of how much good is in my life.   Feeling a bit blah at the moment... probably because I had soooo much going on in Melbourne and I've come back to life a-la-usual.  There's always that lull after a break... don't you think?

So, here are 10 things that make me happy...  drumroll please!

1.  My furry baby Billy - who I'm sure, if he could talk, he would have a lisp... He makes me laugh with his wiggly bum and hurry to get anywhere walk.  Speaking of which, he is lying beside me having a puppy dream right now... legs running in the air, mini barks... I wonder what he dreams of.  

2.  Micko...  Need I say more? 

He cooks, he cleans... he is the dream machine!

3. My family... Immediate and extended... Especially my Mum, Dad, bro's and their girls. 
My cousin Genna is on her way to come stay with my fake cousin (like not really my cousin, she is far from fake personality wise)... woooooot!

4.  My bitches... you know who you are!  Particularly the Hough and Fe - wish these bitches blogged it up.

The Hough... my soul sister!  This is a TERRIBLE photo of her... sorry Houghy!  Blue steel?  More like salmon lips!

Me, Fe and her (sometimes  haha) wonderful husband and partner in crime, Dirkus (faux bro).

5.  Entertaining... Having visitors come and stay with us or just having friends over, cooking a barbie and drinking beers on the deck.

6.  The beach... swimming, walking or running with Billy... basically being active on it - not one for lying and reading a book, I get too hot... and bored!

Took this yesterday while walking Billy... It is seriously the most crowded I've ever seen my beach.

7.  My Kayak!  Nothing better than floating around the river, discovering new places.

8.  My blog... I love writing it, I love sharing my life with others and I love what you guys have to say!

9.  Music, music, music!  Especially live music!  Boooo!  Missed out on BDO tickets - no Muse for me!

RATM 2008... Best  EVER!!!!

10. When a guy drives past my house on a tractor, talking on his mobile phone!?!  That seriously just happened!  That made me laugh... but I'd have to say, getting back into the art thing... yesterday's project sparked the creative side of me.  Need to make time for that shit more often... boo yah!

There you have it... 10 things that make me happy.  Ahhhhh!  I feel much better!


Sharnanigans said...

Love it! Hey we just bought kayaks. It is going to be my thing. Hope to have rippling abs come... June.
Love the look of where you live - how is that part of the world to live in? We are currently pondering wondering where to move to in Australia....

Elissa said...

Great list! I love the beach but I am the "lying on my towel reading" kinda gal.

Nicky said...

Thanks for your comment.
I'm just so confused how you are meant to FIND the one thing you love and want to do for the rest of your life.....

Nicky said...

Oh and re: Mansfield.....
I want the land, not the trendiness.
I would love a simple life with lots and lots of land (5 acre min) so I can have cows, sheep and shit.
And work at home doing what the above comment is about LOL
And I'd love to get the fuck away from my poision parents

pretty*pink*rat said...

1) I want a kayak. My arms NEEED it. 2) Your puppy is adorable! 3) Can I steal your beach? Haha

drollgirl said...

ah, such good things. they make life gooooooooooooooooooood, no? :)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Hi. I'm new here. Is your name really Karl because that's amazing and I'm jealous.

THis is why I'm following you now.

HeatherLynn said...

whew....that was a tuffie! Reading about happiness! quite the change of pace over here at your cheery blog! ;)

I needed to walk with the happy people for a does of sunshine...and beachy envy. Which btw..I want to live somewhere where there's a beach, kyacking AND cell phone trucking tractors!

*stomps foot*....SO JEALOUS right now! That should improve my already buggar of a mood! *winks at you*

I'm glad you have so many great things to list...


P said...

Some great choices there!

Princess Andy said...

i think we all need to be reminded of the good sometimes...puts life into perspective, right?!

makes me kind of feel like a real asshat when i'm whining about my roots showing and how i haven't had a massage for MONTHS and then someone says "hey, how about those orphans in africa".


oops...just brought myself down a bit.

must go look at some porn to cheer up.


p.s. thanks for coming to visit...i think we'll be bff's in no time.

p.p.s. not really...just trying to creep you out a bit.

p.p.p.s. you're never coming back are you?


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