Thursday, August 12, 2010

Message in a... random book?

Most night I read... although since we got Pay TV installed, I've swapped that for eps of Hollie's World, Kendra, The Hills, The City, LA Ink... I could go on, but I think you get the idea (that is, I should be watching less fucking TV and reading more fucking books).

I've always been an avid reader, but when I hooked up with Micko I stopped reading.  Mainly because he'd be going to sleep and I'd have to have the light on - didn't want to annoy him.  Now that we've been married going on 4 years, I feel it's my duty to annoy him.

Anyways... last night as we were getting ready for bed, Micko tells me he found something that I'd love.  I was intrigued.  He threw something at me... a book... 'Tuesdays with Morrie'.  I look at the book... and at Micko - a little confused. 

He says, 'You know... Tuesdays with Morrie... remember?'


'Karls... it's Tuesday with Morrie.  You know... Oprah?'

Hahaha!  Seriously?  Micko finds some random book... and it's one that, somehow, he remembers he once saw Oprah talk about.  For the record, I can't actually remember Micko ever watching Oprah.

I drop the book... kind of disgusted.  Micko knows the deal...

'Karls... it's clean!  Look at it.  I reakon it's been read once... if that'

He's right... besides a bent marker page it's in pristine condition.  I breathe a sigh of relief.
So, I wonder what important message this book contains for me.  It must have some kind of a poignant message (for either me or Micko) or he wouldn't have just 'happened' upon it - well that's my theory.  I'll let you know what I discover.

Oh and in other news... do you know what a bush turd smells like?  I think it has kind of a distinctive smell - perhaps the stench of desperation (because you sure wouldn't be taking a bush dump unless you where about to self implode). 

I just cranked out a housebound crapola and it had the sweet scent of a bush job - not anywhere near roses, let me tell you!


Anonymous said...

Karls, it's a fekkin' fabulous book. I don't know how many copies I've bought and sent to friends...but kudos to Mikko for chucking it to you. He's definitely a sensitive soul despite how loud he might be able to belch. ;)

Oh - I don't know if you're a crying type; but I think you should have a box of tissues handy...just in case. xxx

Smart Ass Sara said...

I want to read this. Badly. I am too cheap to buy it because it WAS a book Oprah recommended. And if "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" and "Anna Karenina" taught me one thing- it's that Oprah sucks shit at picking books. The only good book she's ever picked was "A Million Little Pieces" where she later bitch slapped the author. I'm sorry- but made up parts or not, that was a damn good book.

Charis said...

I think you'll love the book. No coincidences!
Also, Terry gets no free pass from wanting to go to sleep. However, a black tank top of mine has not been worn in 1.5 years because it's now Terry's eye mask at night... toss one at your guy and tell him to catch some zzz's!

~KS said...

That book is awesome... they made a movie out of it too. Pretty good- but the book is definitely better!!

Little Ms J said...

That was such a sweet gesture! I have to tell my husband to buy me things, "I need a gesture within the next two weeks. Flowers, a present, a fucking poem, I don't care." And then usually I have to tell him what to buy. Then he just hands me money. It loses its romanticism.

Farmers Wifey said...

I also should be reading more books and blogging less. Ahh the hell with it!


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