Friday, August 13, 2010

You shit me to tears...

Things that shit me to tears:

1. When the phone rings and I've either...
    a. Just stepped foot into the shower.
    b. Started brushing my teeth.
...and when I reach the phone, the fucker hangs up.

This happened to me not 20 minutes ago.
 Tip people:  If you are ringing someone and the answering machine kicks in, wait until just before the beep if you are going to hang up.  Give the poor prick time to at least reach the phone. 
Or... here's a novel idea... leave a fucking message!  You obviously rang for a reason!
Thankfully, most times, with a mobile I can see who it is... even if I can never, ever find my phone (regardless of how small and tidy my handbag) in time - yes, this also shits me to tears.

2. When the person rings back and it's really not someone you feel like talking too
- or even like for that matter. 
(This JUST happened)  Especially when they crap on and on and on... and you've got shit that needs to be done... but they won't get off the phone no matter how many times you tell them you've gotta go.

Gotta go... I'm in a world of monthly pain!

And thanks to that arsehole, I'm waaaay behind in work.

Oh and I have one last, late edition!

When you're interupted on the shitter and only get to do a half arse job wiping your arse... to reach the phone in time and have it be a fucking telemarketer!!!  Hello, arsehole!  My ring is now stinging and unclean... and I'm the fucking Do Not Call Register!


Cupcake said...

I'm one of those people who never leave a message.. Unless it's super important, then I will.. I always just figure that I will catch up with the person I'm calling later..
But it always pisses me off when people don't leave voice mails for me.. Figure that one out :)

Al said...

OMG I so hate that too!!!!
The last two night Ive had some dip shit call me and I'm like "hello, hello....." and then I get this random recorded voice saying "goodbye" um hello what the fuck is that all about? Apart from shitting the hell out of me!
Arrgghhh! Hmm, feel a bit better!
Thanks for the vent!
Love ya guts xoxo

Smart Ass Sara said...

And I just fix that by never answering the phone. I figure if you call back three times in a row- it's an emergency and it needs me attention. LOL.

HeatherLynn said...

you sound like my friend Steph, it never stops amazing me how no matter what bag no matter where we are..she can NEVER get to her phone in time. it's ringing, she's searching, it's ringing, she's's ringing....she's no longer looking at the road...SHE'S DRIVING!!!....eeek!

Yeah, lets just say, i NEVER call her expecting her to actually answer!

oh, and a good rule of thumb, never answer or even reach for your phone mid-wipe on the toilet....there are times, when #2--just HAS to be one's #1 priority. ;)


MiMi said...

Nobody ever leaves me a message and it pisses me off!

jessalyn said...

haha manfriend never listens to my voicemails and it makes me so mad. if he just listened to my message, he wouldn't have to call me back most of the time. and he usually calls me while i am in the bathroom. i think he does it on purpose.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Have you disappeared from Blogger?

Debbie said...

I think it is almost always a telemarketer if they don't leave a message. I figure I've just saved myself annoyance!


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