Thursday, September 2, 2010

...and the ratshit, slackarse blogger award goes to...

Yep!  If there were an award for the ratshit, slackarse blogger... no contest... it's me!

What have I been doing?  Well, a little partying, a lot of working, a little rescuing wildlife, getting my shit together and basically living my life. 

I've had some good times over the past few weeks... and one absolute meltdown.  I wanted to pack up my shit (and Micko's), put the house on the market and move back up north.  But I realised that I've done that quite a bit in the past... moved because I though the grass was greener, only to discover it's exactly the same shit brown colour as the place I left.

Speaking of grass being greener... I'm featured on my bloggy buddy Sharni blog today.  On health and fitness... head over and check me out in all my glory (sorry, no nudity - I know... you're disappointed!)

This weekend, I'm off to Brisbane to see Powderfinger with a bunch of my old Byron mates and I'm sooooo looking forward to catching up and having a few beers.  But more exciting is the shopping factor!  There is nothing here.... NOTHING!  I'd buy clothes online but my massive cans make that pretty much impossible.  So look out Brisvegas clothing stores... (and Ikea) Karls is coming to getcha!


Adorably Distracted... said...

You're back!! yay!

jprp said...

And I'm a very close runner up!!

sorry about your melt down mate, i'm sure my dorky "spring is around the corner" email helped though yeah? When you have those days though dude, remember that I'm massively envious of your life!

Hope you have an awesome time buying sexy playsuits and seeing powderfinger love ya guts out xx

"Seattle" Heather said...

Yahoo! :) My favorite Aussie is back! My life can go on now! And I'm totally serious. Really..I am. Why are you not believing me? :)

No really I'm glad you're back sometimes you just need a blog break...


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