Friday, April 27, 2012

Pushing the boundaries

It's funny how things happen.  As I finished writing my last post, after having the epiphany by the pool, I took my laptop back to the room, chucked on my swimmers and went for a swim.  Two Aussies and two Brits starting chatting and I heard them mention Byron Bay.  So I spoke up... told them I lived in the area and joined in on the conversation.... two hours later I was a total prune and completely water logged but happy to have chimed in, pushed a boundary and made some friends.

Now, we are headed out to dinner tonight - the five of us.

I'm happy as a pig in shit today.  After meeting these ladies, I headed out on my own for a look around.  One of them had told me about a gorgeous Day Spa called Spa Bali and gave me a brochure.  So, I walked around the streets of Seminyak and eventually stumbled across the place.  I've booked in for a 2 hour treatment - which includes a full body massage, a scrub and a flower bath.  Can't wait!

On my way back, I realised I hadn't had lunch and I happened across a vegetarian cafe (Zulu - on JL Camplung Tanduk) that served healthy, mostly raw foods.  Delish, cheap and super friendly.  If I hadn't given myself a rule that I wasn't to eat in the same place twice (I'm a creature of habit and would eat all three meals in the safety of the hotel compound otherwise) I'd be back there again tomorrow!  Comes HIGHLY recommended - from me anyway.

Learning so much about myself already... and I haven't even arrived at the retreat yet.

Loving live... loving Bali... and loving myself right now.

All is good in the hood.

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Dustin Ebaugh said...

So glad you ate having fun and trying new things Karls. The spice of life. :)


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