Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to shits 'n giggles

Feel like I've come full circle.  This little blog started out as a place to share some funny stories, took a turn into a self discovery type genre, and now I'm back to good times Karls.  I'm dedicating my life to good times, adventure and shitloads of laughs!

Micko and I hit the sack early last night (surprise, surprise... you'd think we were collecting the old age pension if you know what time we ate dinner and went to bed).  Micko brought to bed a catalogue he found in this weeks 'That's Life' magazine (in which I feature in the 'speedy reads' section - very dramatically written, not by myself).  It provided us with at least a good hour of entertainment and here are some high points:

Everyone needs a 'personal massager' for their... back or neck, right?

And why not kill two birds with the one cat?

Leave your expensive bike and mower in this practical storage tent for added security and piece of mind.

Dog annoying you while you are trying to read the latest issue of That's Life?  How about this dog crate that doubles as a coffee table?  Could work for small children too.

If your bladder is anything like mine, this discreet Ready Relief bottle could be just the thing to hide away in your handbag.

Imagine the benefits of this in the depths of winter when you are taking a midnight pee.  Perhaps take it off when your child takes a dump. Washable?  Great!  Problem solved.

Mystery Package?  Imagine the goodies you could receive!  And all for just $9.95!

These are sure to be in next months Mystery Package.

and when it all gets too much (or pair up with your personal massager for a match made in heaven) slip on a pair of these sexy waterproof grundies... thoughtfully they've provide you with enough pairs to share with your friends.


Bel said...

I'm always spilling coffee on my undies, I DEF need to order a pair of those waterproof undies so I'm not spilling steaming hot coffee on my lady garden anymore.

and I'll order one of those pet crates to lock my kid, I mean.. um. my pet in, when they get unruly.

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Geez, the crapola that's out there!

Hmmm, is it wrong that I want that cat ottoman?

amy said...

This is hilarious!! Laughing out loud. Just came across your blog, not sure how!


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