Thursday, June 24, 2010

Farewell Mr Rudd

I don't delve into politics often... mostly because I feel I'm inadequately educated in the area.  No one wants to look like a dickhead - well, I'm happy to look like a dickhead when I've pissed my pants in public or been caught hanging a shit on the beach... but I don't like to feel that I might be wrong (which for the record, I hardly ever am... haha)

I'll fight till I'm blue in the face for something I believe in (closing the gap between Indigenous Australians is high up on my list) but if I feel I don't have all the facts, I'll observe and form my opinions quietly on the side lines.

One thing I do know?  In 07 I wanted John Howard out... I was sick of looking at him, I wanted an apology to our Stolen Gen and more than anything, I wanted change. 

Well, we got it!  Kevin 07 was a great outcome... change is always scary and I did shed a tear or two when poor old Johnny finally got the boot.  K-Rudd (as he is affectionately known - all Aussie's must have nick names - you all should know that by now) started out on a high... He delivered the apology with grace and sincerity.  He helped us shield and weather out the global financial crisis relatively unscathed....

Then it all went pear shaped.  The insulation debarcle, the super mining tax, the back down on the emissions trading scheme... and things weren't looking good for our cartoonish looking PM.

Today, poor Ruddy has been ousted by the party he lead to victory.  I feel sad for him... and his family.  In some ways I think he's gotten the raw end of the deal.  How quick we are to dismiss all the great things he acheived in his short stint as PM of this great country.  He is the leader of a 'party'... it's not a one man show.

On the other hand.... Today represents great change!  I couldn't be happier to finally have a women at the helm.  However, I am disturbed by the circumstances...  Why is it that a woman is only ever placed in the top jobs when things are crumbling around them.  There are numerous examples on the table... Christine Kenneally, Carmen Lawrence, Joan Kirner.  Put into positions of power to pick up the pieces just to be ousted by the public.  Anna Bligh is really the only exception (go you Queenslanders).  I sincerely hope Julia is an exception to the rule and a great step forward for our country.

She might have a bogan accent and red hair (pipe down you ranga haters - I'm married to one remember!) but does that have any affect on her ability to do the job... and do it well? 

Go Jules!  I'm expecting great things... and momentous change... for the better!  You've opened the door for change... here's hoping you step through it!

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jprp said...

couldn't have said it better my self!

Though now I'm sporting a bob and I'm a ranga, i'm getting a little worried by the Julia comparisons!


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