Monday, November 1, 2010

Hate breeders

As you should all know by now, my pet hate is racism.  It disgusts me on sooo many levels.

I don't know many racists... or, if I do, they tend to keep their mouths shut around me (and for good reason - I'm like a fucking lion with a dart in it's paw)... maybe I live in my little bubble of acceptance, rainbows and unicorns - and when I say acceptance, I mean of all people regardless of colour, sex, religion or sexual persuasion - oh except of course racists - but I'll delve more into this later.

Anyuneducated bogan... I'm aware that I'm likely no better than these people with their small minded views.  Perhaps I'm making assumptions... perhaps they are good people, with good hearts... that just dislike people purely based on their skin colour or language (yes... although I'm serious there is a slight twang of sarcasm there). 

Last night, while perusing the corners of facebook, a 'friend' (or rather a guy I went to high school with who added me with a 'you might not remember me...' note attached) updated his status with the following, and I quote;

'At work and playing spot the aussie and guess what i cant fucking find 1 we have england india chinese italian cyprus and thats just 2 name a few we shouldnt be called australia we should be HALF BREED CITY its not like im a racist but when they talk in there own language it pisses u off speak ENGLISH 4 crying out loud'

Fab grammar, English and punctuation there!
I find myself wondering whether he, in fact, uses English as his first language? 
Regardless... that. is. despicable!!! 
I found myself shaking uncontrollably - from anger and disgust.  Is this not 2010?  I had no concept that people like this still existed. 

I made a comment that I thought it was a backwards and racist thing to say... that at some point we were all immigrants to this country and at the end of the day we are all made of skin and bone, we eat, breathe and shit... and for that I was hung from the cross and crucified by the 'racist bogan brigade '(a good mate of mine said 'romper stomper debating team'). 

Afterwards, I spoke to one of my best mates, who is a teacher.  She was just as horrified as I... she told me a story of one of the students at her school (we are talking primary school here).  A young Tongan boy, who has moved around quite a bit from school to school.  He told one of the Sudanese boys to 'Fuck off, n-word'.  For which my mate give him a solid talking too.  He later says, 'I hate Asians... My Dad hates Asians... I don't even like them looking at me, makes me feel sick'.

Is that the kid, of 10 years old, talking? 

Absolutely not!  They are his fathers words... his fathers beliefs. 

Unfortunately... racists breed racists. 

As a child, although disturbing, it's not the childs fault.  They only know what they know... they know what they are taught. 

As an adult...  At what point do you access your beliefs and take responsibility for your actions? 
I've been doing this myself over the past few months.  Asking myself, is that my voice I hear in my head?  Or is it someone elses?  Does this serve me today?  Do I still need that belief or am I better off without it?

This person/these people, need to take a good long hard look at themselves.  How would they like their children to be persecuted for the way they look, the way they speak, what they eat, who they pray too? 

What makes one person better than another? 
(note; the irony of this statement is not lost on me - but I do have an answer...)

The answer... in my humble opinion;

Humanity, understanding and tolerance.


kate said...

the scariest thing, i reckon, is how often you see/hear people with those view.

was driving beind a car a few days ago with a sticker reading "this is australia. we drink beer. we eat meat. and we speak fucking english". it made me so mad and i had to change lanes.

the funny thing (not haha obviously)was that the same car sported a sticker with the australian and aboriginal flags crossed over at the a sign of unity. the contradiction is baffling.

did you unfriend?

Karls said...

Dickheads, absolute dickheads! No better word really! I did unfriend... he has made some pretty crazy comments about abortion and race before and that was the last straw. One of his 'bogan brigade' actually had the tenacity to write 'abos speak English now too haha'. Made my blood BOIL and I felt physically sick to my stomach!

Little Ms J said...

Sad. I unfriended someone recently for making comments against Muslims on their Facebook page.

Jen said...

Well said mate. What is amusing (and again not in a haha way) is that they think by throwing in a "I'm not a racist BUT" actually makes what they say less offensive/narrow minded/hateful!!!

"Seattle" Heather said...

Muy Bien! :)

Well said Karls!


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