Friday, October 29, 2010

Creation Station

Before you continue reading this post, I think you really need to have a look at this post.

My studio, or dungeon of hell as it was refered to, is still being transformed and I can't wait to show you guys what it looks like - but I can't find my fucking camera's battery charger and my phone has no camera.  So, instead, I'll take you on a tour of the mind.

The 3 major walls have been insulated and plastered.  Micko built me a fabulous new sound proof recording booth... with a beautiful door... and yesterday I started painting.  I've picked a bright lilac and teal blue.... the purple walls are ready to go - just got the teal ones to go, which I'll be sinking my teeth into tomorrow.

Cornice goes up over the weekend and carpet in the next few weeks.  Then, it will be finito!

Already the space feels solid, cleaner (even though there is shit everywhere) and really creative.  I'm so freaking excited watching it all come together into my own little creation of space.  All mine! 

And just look what I got as my 'whiteboard'...

Not my office - although it's going to look fab here for sure!  Check out all the rad chalkboard decals at this kickarse Etsy store.

What makes it all the more perfect is that the lightbulb is part of my logo... remember?


In other news... tonight Micko and I are having an early anniversary dinner - we'll be flying to Melbs for a wedding on our actual anni.  It's at our fav local restaurant 'The Jaaning Tree' and it's a 6 course menu!   OH. MY. GOD!  How the hell am I going to fit it all in... here is the menu... so you can die of envy.
Canapes and bubbles on the deck.
Seared scallops with black pudding and cauliflower puree.
Chilli and Vietnamese mint squid with avocado and a strawberry vinegrette.
Oxtail Terrine with confit onions and an Illawarra plum sauce.
Beef roulade filled with fetta, pinenuts and seasoned with oregano served with salad and a wattleseed sauce.
Dessert tasting plate - white chocolate and pistachio nut mousse, lemon myrtle chilled custard and a chocolate and macadamia nut slice with lillipilli cream.

Mmmmmm... have a good weekend!

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