Thursday, October 21, 2010


Any of you rad as fuck fellow Aussies out there - this blogs made for you (this blo-oo-ogs, made for you...  Anyone else remember the Swan Lager ad from the early 80s?  Just me?  Okay bitches... way to make a woman feel old.)

I've said it before... for the most part I'm a proud Aussie.  I say things like 'G'day mate', 'fucking oath', 'deadset', 'fair go', 'dunny', 'my shout', 'arvo', 'flat out like a lizard drinking'.  Some might even go as far to say that I have a little 'bogan' in me. 

**Disclaimer** - there are also things that make me not so proud... but I've been there before once, or twice.

I love beer, barbies (especially when there are chicken sauso's involved), the beach, meat pies, the footy (Aussie rules of course - go Tiges), Tim Tams, our wildlife (hence working with WIRES), lamingtons, the look of pavlova (not a real fan of the taste) and, of course, vegemite!   (affectionately known as Vaginamite... kind of like eating radioactive waste mixed with road tar on toast - for those who haven't tried it before - but waaaaay fucking tastier!)

So, imagine the sheer delight when the one and only Peter Alexander announces a line of Vegemite PJ's!
 I. had. to. have. them!

Check 'em...

I got the ones good ol' Pete is decked out in. (just the pants... too much of a good thing can in fact be, well, too much!)

 Oh you're spewing now, aren't ya mate!

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jprp said...

fair suck of the sav karls - (did ya like that?!! hahaha!) everyone that went to Pembroke has a little bogan in them somewhere! Must go now and get me self some of them jammies!


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