Friday, December 3, 2010

Woofmas Spirit

Getting into the Christmas spirit!  Today I bought a little tree and decorated it.  Micko and I have spent 7 Christmas' together and we've not once had a tree - ahhh the benefits of moving around so much.  Thought we'd get into the spirit this year.

So... to kick start the first weekend of December I thought I'd kick it up a notch.

Decided it's my work Christmas party tonight...
Last minute and very easy considering it's just me and Billy here (and Micko - he can be counted as an employee with all his recent hard work renovating the studio)!

Celebrating with some ginger beer beer (like beer with ginger beer - Bluetongue - it's good shit actually!)

Billy all dolled up and ready to party...

We are both wearing matching outfits so you should be super grateful it's just the two of based in my studio!

1 comment:

jprp said...

hopefully theres a photo of the two of you in your fancy outfits up tomorrow!


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