Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Childhood dreams

Another coinkydink that has come to my awareness over this past week or so...

Everything I come across  - books, websites, film, TV, people I'm running into - are all indicating that as a child we know what we are here for.  

I've always believed this... My folks were really good at encouraging us to be what we wanted to be.  That if we wanted something badly enough, and were willing to take risks and work hard to get it, it could - without a shadow of a doubt - be ours.

My brothers are both exactly where they are meant to be.  They are following their childhood dreams.  My youngest bro was always obsessed with reptiles... My folks encouraged his interest and, as a result, we had a number of lizards living with us.  The other bro was handed a gift... He is an AMAZING artist and he has always feed his gift.  This month he is on the front cover of the Art Guide, has a show coming up in Melbourne and is self publishing a book.  Inspirational!  Both of them!  

Me?  Well, I can't really remember what I was going to be.  So, I spoke to my folks about it.  They, like me, remember that I wanted to be lots of things.  I wanted to be a famous dancer, have a dance school, be a famous singer.  I wanted to change the world - I'd stand in the front yard, lay my toys out on a table and sell them to raise money for the Children's Hospital... or pick Nanna's lemons and sell them door to door.  I wanted to be a children's author.  I wanted to be a star on Young Talent Time.  I wanted to be a teacher.  I wanted to be a photographer.  I wanted to work on radio.  I wanted to make music.  

I guess, I wanted to entertain.  I'd always said that my bro, D, was the intellect... G was the artist... and I?  Well, I was the communicator.  

I know, in some boxes in the garage, I have a bunch of old journals from my childhood.  So, I'm going to go through have a read and get back in touch with my inner child. 

But that will have to wait until I transform myself back into a child - I'm getting a fringe cut!  After much debate, and many years, I finally decided to bite the bullet - for fucks sake, girl, it's just hair!
No doubt I'll look much like my 5 year old self!

I know!  I know!  I haven't aged a day... (bwahahaha)

Even back then I was a creative little spark.

Will let you know what reveals itself!

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Sharni said...

oooh I am loving this Karly, you are making me think hard and also take note of Monte now. Love your work, I too had a super fringe when I was five and was always always writing stories! My first book was released in Grade 6 haha (seriously)self-published.

~KS said...

You were an amazing little girl... no wonder you turned into such an amazing adult!!


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