Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A stark reminder...

Life sure is fleeting... There is no better reminder than a super talented young dude, with his entire fabulous life ahead of him... gone... suddenly!

An old employee of mine, Jonno, was one of those special people who were following their personal legend.  He was living life without limits... so much so it was contagious.  Travelling the world, indulging in his outstanding talents, absolutely loving life and living it to within it's last breath.  

 Unfortunately, for this world, he took his last breath today.

A very stark reminder that we are here for an indiscriminate amount of time... any breath could very well be our last. 

I'm so glad to have shared the same path as he - albeit briefly.  He was someone you aspire to be like... 
I wish I'd taken the opportunity to tell him how inspirational he truly was.  

But... life is fleeting.

I won't make the same mistake again.

Rest In Peace - Jonno Howell.  

Loved your work... quite literally!


Madmother said...

I hear ya! Just found out today that a friend's DH, also a friend, has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and been given 5 years at the longest. He has kids my kids age, how can that be? He is only in his early 40's for God's sake.

So sad, all of it, so sad.

Jandy xx said...

Sorry to hear Karls

You honored him with beautufil words.



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