Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Missing Bubbalicious

Micko has been sending my cute little updates on my bubby Billy.  Here is what have come through on my phone since I've been down in FUCKING FREEZING Melbourne.

Night night Mummy... miss you!

I've just been to the beach... see ya!

I've been for a walk down the V-Wall... see ya!

Look what Micko gave me while he's at work!

Ahhhhh!  So cute!

My bro's exhibition opens tonight... definitely worth a look.  If you're in Melbs, it's on until sometime in May.  Anna Pappas Gallery   2-4 Carlton St  Prahan.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i need to hook you up with my girlfriend that is moving to Melbs soon.

ps - those photos are melting my little heart.

"Seattle" Heather said...

OMG What a sweetie you have...the dog. Okay Micko's a keeper too. :)

jessalyn said...

awwwww! sometimes manfriend sends me pics of my baby when i am not home and it kills me! i miss my baby dog more than him half the time! ;)
kiddingkidding, kinda....

Christine Vi said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable!!

P said...

Aw, those pics are so precious!!!

MiMi said...

Your dog is so cute!! <---twss

aladdinsane12 said...

Oh my gosh, I would DIE if I had a dog that cute! I would just spontaneously combust.

jprp said...

oh freezing melbourne... suck it up princess!!! :)
aww billstar, your so cute... and a little less fat i hear!!!

might just have to check out your bros exhibition, how rad!


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