Friday, January 21, 2011

Purge to splurge

I believe the world is your mirror... and if that is truly the case, your home is a manifestation of where you are at.  If there is chaos in the home, that chaos reflects in everything you do - your mind, your work, your relationships.

I've been messy (and down right dirty) in my past... and it was totally a reflection of my head space.  The worst periods have been when I've had little respect for myself, let alone my surroundings.  The other side of the coin is having your place like a display home (that says something entirely different about you - the need for perfection can be almost as destructive).  Like everything in life, it's all about balance.

These days, I'm clean, a little messy at times... but I think I'm getting the balance almost right. 

So, where was I going with all this?  Oh yeah... that's right, my wardrobe and drawers.

Sometimes a purge is totally necessary.  I've always been a bit of a hoarder... not like 'Hi, I'm Karly and I'm a hoarder', but I do find it hard to let things go. 

I have clothes that I was wearing in 1996 because they have memories attached, or I remember feeling great in them.  I have letters from girlfriends from Year 7, tickets from concerts, old costume jewellery my Aunty gave me, dolls with one eye and missing hands...

I guess without really realising it, I've been a bit of a hoarder emotionally too.  While I've forgiven, I seem to have hung onto their beliefs. I'm only just figuring out which serve me... and which certainly do not.

So, I'm going to hang onto that doll (called Matthew - yes, it's a girl) because it was a big part of my childhood, the letters will also stay... and the clothes?  Well, that's how I've spent my morning. 

It's time to let go of the past and move on (metaphorically and physically).  I've kept a few pieces - like the Mooks top which was my first present ever from Micko and the pants I wore on our first ever date.  The rest is off to goodwill - or in the garbage (where it definitely belongs - like those period undies I've had for 10 years, or the bra with the broken strap).

It's amazing how good you feel after a big purge... it's like a weight of the shoulders (or your wardrobe hanger).  Things feel more organised, less cluttered.  Bedroom, mind and soul.

I'm making room in my closet, and my life, for bigger and better things.  And they are coming... because, finally, I am ready!


Sharni said...

You better believe it!!

You have inspired me to do the same!

Jandy xx said...

i wanted to write lots about this, but i cant stop giggling about 10 year old period undies! every girl owns 10 year old period undies, and every girl should throw out said undies!!


Amy said...

I am the anti-hoarder! I watch that sick show and just marvel at how an individual can even become that, because I am sooo far on the other end of the spectrum!

Purging items that I don't use/need feels so good. I can't breathe when things are unorganized and cluttered. Congrats for de-junking...sounds like it was successful:)

frenchette said...

hahaha... boy do you make me laugh. i have a dr martin shoebox overflowing with letters from high school... the clothes i only parted with this year.

i even hoard mail.


Kellyansapansa said...

Ooh, I love a good cleanout. Way to go on the quitting smoking too :o)

Christine Vi said...

Purging is a great feeling. It's so hard too!


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