Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm getting my blogging freak back on... And I have a few stories to tell you - life hasn't been standing still while I've been awol. 

The last 6 weeks have been quite a whirlwind... a trip to Melbs, a girls weekend on the Goldie, Sydney for Muse (which in itself deserves an entry - hell, I think there is one if my drafts folder somewhere), some partaying and of course the craziness that is Christmas/New Year/Summer.  I'll save those for another day....

You might remember, some time ago, I blogged about the shithole that was my working studio.  Drab, depressing and damp - not at all condusive to creativity. 

Well, that's all changed. 
Still a few things to do - like hang my paintings and put up some shelving, but it's certainly a billion times better than 6 months ago!  If you need to see the shithole to believe the shithole, click here now.

And now I unveil the new and improved workspace...

The recording booth that Micko worked tirelessly on... A dream to record in! Loving the chalkboard lightbulb - a perfect match for my logo.  Soundproofing plasterboard (dry wall), filled with soundproofing insulation, another layer of plasterboard and some acoustic foam.  The window is 2 planes of double glazed glass. And it features a solid decorative door to boot (heavy mofo - and a total prick to hang).
Inside the money maker... gets a little hot and sticky in there, otherwise it's a total gem!

New studio monitors - still need to get the right lead so they'll work - slacker!

The back wall is teal... I can't show you that side just yet - that's where all the crap is neatly stored awaiting shelving and storage... hey, I'm not perfect, but I'm halfway there!

Speaking of a beautiful, functioning workspace... I really should get in there and start working!



Smart Ass Sara said...

I likey! Very cool. Hurry up on the other side!

Madmother said...

So, what is your day job?

Good to see you driftin on back.

jprp said...

Love it Karls, especially the colour

Brown Girl said...

Such a fabulous color!!

"Seattle" Heather said...

It still blows my mind what you do for a living Karls...I actually thought I heard you the other day for an ad, but I didn't catch it in time and I was having serious a.d.d. at the time so I didn't retain what it was about. But the fact that you do what you do is incrediable. Talk about fun!

~KS said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color!!! I'm about to paint my office a color similar!

Happy weekend- don't work too much!


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