Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good vibrations..

With all the research I've been doing on creating happiness and shifting old beliefs, a theme keeps bubbling to the surface.  So much so, in recent times, I can no longer dismiss it's relevance.  
Vibration... and it's relationship with human emotion.

During Uni days I read the Celestine Prophecy - like millions of other people on earth.  For the most part I loved it...  the ideas of synchronicity really resonated with me and the book had me intrigued.  That is... until the last few chapters - James Redfield really lost me after he introduced the vibrational and God element.  My atheist self just couldn't grasp it at all... seemed to fanciful to comprehend.  

When you start to head down your own path to enlightenment, no doubt the concept of vibration will raise it's head again and again.  

I've started on this path many times in my life to date... but I've always ended up hitting my head against the same vibrational brick wall... then I've turned around with my tail between my legs and continued living the struggle that is life.

What I've come to realise is that the idea of vibrational energy is quite a simple concept.  It's often over complicated (well, it had seemed that way to me - although it could have been my perspective and headspace at the time - perhaps I wasn't ready) by intimidating new age gurus who seem to speak a different language altogether.

It all boils down to an incredibly simple idea...
When you are happy and inspired your energy vibrates at a higher frequency.  And this is something you already know, even if you think you don't... when you are feeling good, you feel lighter.
When you are feeling down, uninspired, flat, angry - any of those negative emotions - you vibrate at a lower frequency... and therefore you feel heavy. 

It really is that simple.  

Where it gets a little more controversial is the combination of vibration and the idea of the law of attraction.

But, enough new age ranting for today...  I'll open that pandoras box another day!  

Love & light peeps.
(has new meaning for me now)
love & light


Buff said...

And maybe that is why vibrators are such a hit- they give you that feel good emotion :)

Amy said...

I'm not familiar with any sort of vibration in connection with emotion, but I found this so interesting. And it truly makes so much sense. I may have to read more about this;)


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