Friday, June 10, 2011

Oprah and the wonderful world of television....

As you'd probably be aware, I've been thinking about writing a TV show.  I even braved the cold and flew to Hobart to take part in a television writing course.

The coincidences that have led me to believe I need to do this have been kind of astonishing.  For example, I actually studied TV at Uni and loved it... but I went down the path of photography because it was easier to get a break in... I then moved onto sound - worked in radio and started my voice over business.  Now, I'm being pulled back to television.

The first, was a simple thought - mindful programming.  Followed, the next morning, by waking up with a name on my mind; 'Karmic Production'.  This name had visited me once or twice before... but at the time I had no intention at all of working in TV, so it was stored in a dark dingy drawer in the very recesses of my mind.  It's fitting too... as it's a culmination of my name and Micko's.  Wooooooooooo.

The idea developed a little further.. then I coincidently stumbled across the course - which I had considered doing in the past but there was no word as to when it would run again - or where.  Timely really, as when I quite by accident stumbled across the website, the course was to be held the very next weekend.

I spoke to a good friend, who I'd always wanted to work with, and she had been thinking along a similar vein.  She had another friend also interested... but neither of them wanted to be involved in the writing. 

As I arrived the first morning of my course, I walked in to hear one of the other students talking of a friend who had exactly the same idea as I did.  I met with this person and swapped contact details.

Then, while catching up with a cousin in Hobart over a beer, she told me a friend of hers had entered a competition Oprah was holding for a show that was based around spirituality. 

Oh and there was the Eden Gaha incident - which I never heard any reply to.  But it taught me I don't need to be afraid to sometimes go out on a limb... and put myself out there.

Last night, this same friend I refered to earlier, sent me a link of an interview Oprah did with Barbara Walters.  She speaks of the idea of 'mindful tv' coming to her... along with the OWN name.  Surprisingly eerily similar to what happened to me. ***I must have been living under a rock as I had no idea she had started her own (pardon the pun) network.***

The past few months I've too'd and fro'd... am I on the right path?  Is this the direction I should be headed?  
I've meditated, consulted the angels, the stars, pyschics and everything in between for a clear answer... but I never trusted in my own instincts.  I desperately wanted outside confirmation - which even when I got, time and time again, I pushed aside with inner doubt and fear.

This morning, I woke up with a clear mind... and saw Oprah in my mind, stumbling across a letter I'd written.  I immediately grabbed my notebook (I've been writing morning pages - a concept I might blog about shortly) and started writing a letter.

Today... I'm sending my letter out into the Universe - and more directly to Oprah (well, as close to her as I can get).  I've been true to myself and followed my instincts...  What happens from here is in the hands of the Universe.

My horoscopes this morning read; commit to your idea... although you don't have a crystal clear picture of what that idea is, it's time to put faith in and bite the bullet.  Freaky!

Wish me luck!

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