Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Late night epiphanies

Man blogger! You really know how to test someone's patience! Last couple of days have been experiencing what blogger are referring to as 'the spinning' issue. Editor doesn't load fully... just keeps showing it's 'thinking'. I've switched back to the old editor to try avoid the issue... so far, so good - although the layout and text might be a bit fucked.

At first I thought it must have been the universe's way of telling me that yesterdays entry didn't need to be said. Perhaps I should heed its advice. I have better things that need to be said anyway - yesterdays entry would have been a bit of a downer.

So, it's like 7am here and I'm up typing away. In fact, I think I've been awake most of the night. I didn't have any sugar close to bedtime. I hadn't had a coffee since 7.30am yesterday. Hell, I had even meditated a couple of hours prior to beddybyes. The brain just. would. not. switch. off. Most of the time it was just a whirl of nothing. Occasionally a friend would pop in and I had a couple of negative thoughts rear their ugly heads. But then... I had an idea! (imagine a lightbulb for effect)

You may remember I was waiting to be pummelled to the ground by divine inspiration on the 26th April. Now, that didn't quite eventuate... although I did have an inkling of an idea.

Last night, the original idea I had seemed to manifest itself into a monster of an idea. In the light of the morning, I'm not 100% sure of what all the excitement was about... but I'm going to investigate further. I really wish I'd pulled my lazy arse out of bed, grabbed a pen and paper and just started punching idea's out. I was trying to be unselfish - it is the big Micko's birthday today (happy birthday Tiger!) and I didn't want to be waking him up throughout the night. As it turns out he didn't sleep to well either.

Here is the weird thing. In the little sleep I did get last night, Micko woke up to a blue light coming in from the lounge room. He got up to investigate and discovered the TV was on and Austar was resetting itself... the alarm clock hadn't reset, so it wasn't a black out... and I specifically remember turning them off last night (I'd been watching Paris Hiltons BFF (Dubai) and remember switching it off in disgust (okay, disgust is a little harsh... it should probably be replaced by boredom).

My idea? Let's just say it had A LOT to do with TV. A sign that I'm on the right track perhaps?

Only time with tell.

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Madmother said...

Thank God - I thought it was just me!

Now - what's this big idea, hmmm?


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