Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New dawn... new day!

What a difference 24 hours makes, eh.  

Yesterday was certainly an emotional rollercoaster!  I was devastated, then indifferent, then angry, then a total nervous wreck, followed by resignation, deflation, disappointment, flatness, plenty of tears, hopelessness, hopefulness, freedom... and this morning?

Well, this morning I woke with a new perspective alongside a feeling of peace.  I'm feeling much better and have realised it's totally not the end of the world... just the closing of one chapter - there is plenty more left to go in the book.

Besides, if this is my biggest problem right now, I'm one pretty lucky lady.

There is no point stressing about things that are outside my control.  It's just a test... perhaps to see if I'm walking the talk.  And I am.  I'm learning when to fight, and when to surrender.

I started this business from nothing.  It's now something... and it's a something that has been working really well.  It has steadily grown over the past 5 years and it will continue to do so for as long as I want it to.   I'm not afraid of a little hard work... hell, that's how I've gotten this far.

I was contacted by a massive news network today (an International one at that) who want to use my agency for their Australian voice over work.  I'm so excited!  What an honour!  I've worked with some big names here in Australia... but this is a breakthrough into the international market and a real coup for the talent involved.... not to mention it's TV (sign, perhaps?).

Now, it's certainly not going to make up the difference... at this stage.  
However, it does tell me that I'm not done just yet.  

After all, you can't keep a good woman down.   


Jandy xx said...

Never forget that the last company didn't leave YOU they didn't require that service anymore, which is in no way a Reflection of your awesomeness

Miss Manda said...

The universe works in mysterious ways, but kudos for remaining YOU.

Fabulous news about your new contract. May there be plenty more to come.

Stay as you are, Kick Arse Karls. X

Madmother said...

Woot - so I can say I knew you when?

Buff said...

A BIG Congrats to you Karls- your dedication, motivation and drive is what makes you such a successful business woman. You inspire me to want to do things, I just have to find that something in life to focus on. Keep up the fantastic work, look forward to following your successes!!

drollgirl said...

yay! this is such good news!

life is a MASSIVE roller coaster ride, and the ups sure are nice! enjoy it!!!! so happy for you.

and sometimes one has to go through all the horrifying and miserable emotions and turmoil to get to the good stuff. sigh. i guess that is just how it goes!


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