Monday, May 16, 2011

10 things I love about me!

10 things I love about me.

I was running along the beach this arvo... heavenly day here.  Sun was shining, breeze was cool, water was luke warm.  I love winter on the Mid North Coast.... when the idea for this post popped into my head.

10 things I love about me.

I totally encourage you to have a think about it too.  It's much, much easier to come up with 10 things you don't like so much about yourself, than it is to find 10 things you love.  It's also much easier to find 10 things you love about someone else.. but that's another story altogether.

The rules are simple.... 10 things you love and no beating yourself up or justifying what you've said - no if's or but's.  Accept that there is greatness in you... without reservation.

So... drumroll please (and a few drops of rescue remedy).

1.  Loyalty.  I am a very loyal person.  If I care about you, I will stand by and support you.

2.  My hands.  I have long slender fingers and fabulous nails.  Always have - I remember getting comments on them from Grade 3 onwards.  

3.  Dedication & commitment.  If I really want something I will give it my all.  Those who never quit, never fail.

4.  My own voice.  Most people say they hate the sound of their own voice.  I love it.  Hence why I make a living from it.

5.  Exercise.  I'm so proud of my commitment to exercise - it's been part of my life for the past 3-4 years and I've kept up with a minimum of 3 sessions a week for the entire time - even on holidays.  A major achievement for me.  I know how great it makes me feel and regardless of whether I think I want to or not, I get out there and do it.  Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul.

6.  Self belief.  However much I've beaten myself up about my looks or my personality in the past, I've never doubted my ability to achieve what I want.  If I put my mind to something... look out!  I'll make it happen.

7.  This whole journey I'm on.  Every day I'm becoming a better person.  I'm becoming more insightful and more confident in me - the physical, the mental and the spiritual. 

8.  Understanding.  I try to see things from others perspective before passing judgement.  Everyday I get better and better at understanding that people do what they do because of where they are and where they've been.  That is not a reflection on who I am.

9.  My ability to make people around me feel at ease.  I'm a great host!  I have a house full of love and I love more than anything to share that with people.  

10.  I wrote a 10 things I love about me post... and I didn't beat up, justify what I'd written or think about what others might think even once.  I wrote honestly, openly and from my heart.

Now.... it's your turn!  

If you do it... please leave a link in the comments - I'd love to see what you come up with!

Spread the self love!


wilybrunette said...

i love this--what a beautiful testament to your own strength and power, thanks for sharing!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I just found you blog, it's fantastic!!! This was a great post, such a positive, healthy thing to do :)

Danielle said...

what a great post!! This may sound silly, but you're lucky to have great nails! haha i have horrible ones that split. also, number 8 was my favorite. understanding is such an awesome quality to have. p.s. i love your blog name!

Amy said...

Love this! Especially #5. I share in that one too. I could be having a particular self-loathing day, but if I run or go lift weights I always feel better about my self.

Amazing, the power of exercise.


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