Monday, May 30, 2011

The man in the leather hat...

I'm sitting in the food court of Sydney Airport.  Today did not quite go as planned.  I was to fly out of Hobart just after midday and after a quick stop in Sydney I'd touch down in Coffs just before 4pm.  

It's now after 5pm.  

I won't arrive in Coffs until around 8pm - all going well.

My flight from Hobart was delayed over an hour.  Therefore, I missed my connecting flight to Coffs - which was the last flight of the day (for Virgin).  Instead, the booked me onto the last flight to Coffs on Qantas.   

I was highly stressed... confused (no-one could tell me how or when I'd get home), irritated and bordering on tears.  Nothing was going right.  My bags were heavy, I'd left things I needed in my checked baggage, and not checked things I probably should have - I was loaded up like a camel.  I dug franticly into my handbag to grab my phone and for the life of me couldn't locate it.  So I dropped my bag on the ground to further investigate - the contents of which projectile out and spread all over the floor.  Nothing is going my way and I'm moving more and more into a total state of chaos.   

I'm flustered, people are looking at me (probably with pity) and I'm really struggling to calm myself down.  I'm beyond angry.  I am anger. 

Finally, we board.  The man I sat next to was an older gentleman, wearing a plaid jacket and a stylish hat.  He had a warm smile and after being subjected to my mad rant, said 'at least you'll get there in the end'.  

I thought about, took a few drops of rescue remedy, breathed and managed to calmed myself down.

Over the next couple of hours, the man and I chatted, the conversation headed to all things 'spirtual'.  Turns out this warm, friendly man, with the stylish leather hat, was on a very similar path to me.  We shared tales of coincidence and synchronicity, spoke of the law of attraction and the workings of the universe.  We talked of connecting (being present), meditation, reiki, books we've read and shared our journey.

He reminded me that there was likely a very valid reason that I'd been delayed.  That the reason would present itself.  He brought me back... out of my head full of anger, and into my seat, on the plane, that would eventually take me home.  After all, I was in no hurry.  I was headed home.

That reason became clear, as we stood at the baggage carousel contemplating life... 

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Let go... the stress and anger does nothing but expend valuable energy and breed more stress and anger.  Nothing goes right, because nothing can go right.  

He reminded me that I'm on the right path... that I'm learning and evolving.   As long as I stick to my truth, the lessons I need to learn will present themselves exactly when I'm ready.  

The teacher arrives when the student is ready. 

And it seems I am ready. 



Madmother said...

I think yoy and Boy 1 would be kindred spirits. His favourite book is Way of the Wizards by Deepak Chopra!

Jandy xx said...

Wow Karls, this post gave me shivers! I heard a quote the other day that's quite appropriate here... "If a bird can't fly, it walks"... How true is that, the way I interoperate it is that there's always another way, it might not be the way you thought you'd be taking, but youl always find a way. Every time I read these post I get so excited for you and this new path your on! Go you good thing!

Jandy xx said...

Damn spell check, what the he'll is interoperate?!! Interpret!!!!!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

This was an amazing post. It must have been so stressful, but how wonderful that you turned it into such a positive experience :)


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