Monday, August 31, 2009

The humble (?) potato chip...

After a big Friday night at home, drinking heavily, chain smoking, some drunk dialling and our own private wake to celebrate the life of one Dean Turner - founding member and bassist from Magic Dirt... my head was feeling more a little fragile.

So Micko and I went to the supermarket on Satdee arvo to buy some shitty food to accompany our quiet, DVD watching, night in. We picked up stuff to make me some pizzas - mmmm smoked salmon, capers, dill and bocconcini on one - prosciutto, basil, olives on the other - and for Micko essential burger making ingredients including a bag of frozen potato chips.

What came as a surprise to Micko, was that the choice of chip was becoming increasingly difficult - and not due to the beer fog. There are seriously around 20 different cuts of chip available. Here is a list of the products just McCain's has on the market currently:

Superfries - available in:
Extra Long
Mums Cut
Crinkle Cut
Slab Cut
Chunky Cut
Straight Cut
Beer Batter - available in:
Deeper Crinkle Cut
Fish Shop
Thin and Crispy
Thick and Chunky
Wedges - available in:
Crunchy Potato Fries
Hot Bandito
Crunchy Pototo Wedges
Healthy Choice - available in:
Straight Cut
Country Style Wedges
Chunky Cut

And that doesn't include 'Potato Snacks' or 'Roast Potato' options.

Am I right in thinking perhaps this is a little overkill for one humble potato?

But the thing that got me the most is their new range of 'Purely Potato'... Advertised as "In cubes, slices or chunks, it’s nothing but natural potato, washed, peeled and frozen fresh."

Kind of begs the question... Why not wash, peel and chop your own fucking potatoes?

Are we really so pathetically lazy these days that we can't even do that for ourselves? Before you start on 'haven't you ever used frozen veg?'... Of course I have! And why do I do it (on occassion)? Because it's a mix of vegies that I'd have to buy seperately, and more importantly, I'd probably not use it all - then the remaining would sit in the fridge until I needed it again - and likely end up in the green bin a week or so later.  Waste not, want not... right?

But a potato? Please! It's just one vegie that can sit in the cupboard for ages before going rank... There is no excuse for another plastic bag going into landfill because you're too lazy to peel and cut a friggin potato.

Ahhhh McCain... You've done it again!

Disclaimer: Buying Frozen Chips does not make you a lazy bastard - they just plain taste better than if you cut them yourself.


ronelle_vaneyk said...

oh Karly, did you sit by the freezer section and minute all those mccains chip varieties?!? :)

Karls said...

Of course! Do you think I'd have anything better to do with my Saturday arvo?


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