Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flying Melbs trip - Friday night!

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I'd taken a flying trip down to Mansfield for my best mates engagement partay. Seeing all my old best mates again was fucking awesome! I still love those bitches as much as I did 15 years ago... crazy whores! Whilst on my flying tour of Vic, I did have some interesting little scenarios that have cropped up... So, I'm going to break it down for ya fellas - starting with Friday night!

Drove up to Byron to stay with Chuck and Krabes - we had an early flight out Saturday morn and Byron is a shitload closer to Cooly than Nambucca - that's for sure!  I arrived after their oldest little angel had gone to bed. We had a few wines, some dinner, some good convo and then I hit the sack. I was sleeping in the top bunk with the angel below me.

Didn't sleep a wink that night! Falling asleep was proving problematic! As I'd been sucking down the white (in true Karls style) I started to suffer from hayfever (in true Karls style). I didn't want to get up (or down) of the bunk because I didn't want to disturb the little sleeping angel.

About 5am, I think I may have dozed off momentarily, I woke to hear the angel whimpering. All went quiet, then another whimper, then all quiet and so on. Soon, I realised, that every time I moved, the whimper would sound off. I guess, he was freaking out thinking there was some bloody monster on the top bunk - he'd not seen me come in and had no idea I was up there. Poor little bastard! When Krabes came in, the first thing he did was show her his best scared face and pointed a couple of times to the top bunk. That kind of shit can scar you for life!  Sorry little Montasaraus!  

In hindsight, I should have popped a Polarmine and I'd have slept like a baby (well... I shouldn't say 'like a baby' because each time I've done that I've been corrected vehemently by those with child).  A good nights sleep would have made all the difference... but that's the power of hindsight, I guess!  Besides, I'm hardcore!  And it was nothing a few red bull and champagne coudm't sort out... as you'll soon discover!

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