Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eco Warrior Karls

Yeah... I know! All has been quiet on the blogging front! Had Micko's mum down to stay last week/weekend and was in Melbs before that so when I've not been working like a crazy bitch trying to catch up, I've been down the beach walking the Bill.

The past week or so have been nothing short of glorious! Yesterday reached 31, Monday 34 and today is a fine 25... could winter get any milder? Kind of begs the question, is global warming responsible for this unseasonable weather? I'm not too sure... but I like it!

On the global warming front... I've always been an avid recycler and pick up trash when I come across it on the beach, I've also confronted the dirty ciggie butt dropping bastards on more than one occassion. But of late, I've made a few 'eco friendly' choices.

Firstly, prior to my super quick flying visit to Vic a couple of weeks ago for my best mates engagement, I was desperate to find something new to wear. After much searching I picked up a stunning dress in Bellingen. It's white and black with a silouhette print of a japenese scene. When in it, I literally feel like a walking work of art. The bonus is it's also environmentally friendly - the company 'Bird Textiles' are an eco company in Byron and were Australia's first climate neutral business. So, not only do I feel fucking fabulous in this hand designed and printed work of art, I'm also reducing my carbon footprint - niiiiice!

Secondly... Micko's mum came down to visit from Thursday to Monday of last/this week. That morning, I went downstairs to Micko's toilet to have a piss before heading into my studio to start work for the day. There was a strange hissing sound, but also familiar - like when the cistern is filling up with water. It, of course, wasn't - I was still on it and hadn't flushed yet. I assumed (and you know what they say - assuming makes and ass out of you and me) that it was something upstairs. Putting it to the back of my mind, I got stuck into work. That night, Micko and I went downstairs to let Bill out for a whizzer and I heard the noise again. We checked upstairs and down and no tap was on, nor a toilet flushed. Micko went under the house and discovered it was the hot water system pouring water out from the bottom. Fuuuuuuck! Suddenly, it occured to me that when I arrived home on Tuesday arvo, the house smelt kind of wet... like musty and wet. It had not occured that underneath was flooding out... just that the place had been locked up and I'd forgotten it smelt like a mouldy oyster. So back to the... Fuuuuuck! Not the fucking hot water system... especially when we have guests! Plus, I don't do cold showers!

First thing the next morning, I get on the phone to the plumber. What follows is quite miraculous! The plumber shows up at 10 - when he said he would!!! He crawls under the house, takes one look at the hot water system and says exactly what I knew he would.... 'Yep! It's shat itself'. Nice! After a quick chat, I ask him what my options are... he says 'Well, you could get another electric, but it's a prick of place to put it (under the house) so you'd need to get it re-plumbed 'cause I'm fucked if I'm getting that thing out and another in. Just too much of a prick of a spot. Plus, you're looking at around the $13-$1500 mark. The other option is look into Solar. With the Govt rebates, might work out better for ya'. He turns of the hot water system switch at the switch board and is on his way.

After a quick google search, I find a local solar specialist and give them a buzz. The fella explains that he'd have to come out to suss out what our options are and that he can organise a breakdown unit for us in the interim. This is when the second miracle of the day occurs... He says 'I can be there in an hour'... and guess what? He bloody well is!

We go through the options and decide on a roof system, rather than split. After the Govt rebates it doesn't work out much more than if we'd gone electric - but of course there will be ongoing savings on the power bills (which, fuck me, just went up over 20%). Not to mention, the environmental benefits. He then rings his plumber to organise the breakdown unit to be installed. That's when the third miracle occured! He said he'd be here by 3... and he fucking well was! We had hot water by 4. Awesome service all round - a true rarity!

Now we'll just have to wait and see if it continues with the installation... We'll see! If things don't pan out as expected, you'll be the first to know!

So... Eco dress and now Solar Hot Water (being installed in a couple of weeks), I'm thinking about changing my name... You can call me Karls the Eco Warrior.

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jprp said...

Go you eco warrior! Thats the second time this dress has been mentioned lately... photos please!


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