Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the name of balance - pet loves

For the sake of balance I thought I should get out there my 10 pet loves... 

1. Closet hippy - not much is better than staring out at the ocean and mountains, walking through a rainforest or sitting on the ground. I can feel myself 'earth' when I do any of these things (and that is very important to a person who never knew how to stay still).   Indigenous Australians are 100% right... Australia, and our land, is a very special and powerful place. 

2. A good sense of humour, a great joke or story... and even better, laughing hysterically to the point when tears are streaming down your face and you need to have a few minutes rest to catch your breath.

3.  A good hug from a friend you haven't seen for a while.

4.  Entertaining friends at my place... putting on a good feed and drinks galore, good conversation, reminiscing and listening to great music!

5.  Catching up with friends that you might not have seen in years, but when you do, it feels like you just saw them yesterday.  Oh, and making new friends.  Especially those that you feel instantly comfortable with.  I totally believe you are a reflection of the company you keep - obviously the company I keep is fucking awesome!

6.  Family... the most important people in my life!  Mum, Dad, bro's, cousins, aunties & uncles and grandparents.  The people who make my life so fantastic - and it totally is!  Christmas day is always the best day of the year.  I love eating and drinking far too much with the people I love most.

7.  Working hard... and reaping the benefits of a job well done.  I love what I do and would continue to do it even if I won lotto and was set up for life!   I'm very lucky, but I have created my own luck.  Once you know what you want in life, it's as easy as taking the necessary steps to get it.  I look at my business and how well it's going and know that it's only because of my hard work, dedication and persistence.

8.  Summer days in the sunshine at a music festival, in the back yard, at a mates place or the deck of the Suffo, sinking a few schooies with awesome folk.  

9.  My wonderful husband, Micko, who has enriched my life greatly.  Although I know I could live without him, my life is better with him around.  Finally I found the healthy relationship I was searching for.  A mutual respect, an understanding of our differences and encouragement to be the best people we can be.  He has taught me so many things... Patience, unconditional love and balance.

10.  Billy... The newest addition to my happy life.  Billy represents all the things that make living so worthwhile.  Loyalty, contentment, cuddles, love and loads of energy.

Oh and last but definitely not least, every single person in my life, right now.  You guys complete the picture!  Each of you bring something special to the table!  You rock the casbah!

Till next time we meet... my friends!


jprp said...

awesome karls! focusing on the great things in your life only makes life greater! So I'm learning! I love that you're proud of the job you do, and rightly so! Funny isn't it that nothing in this list is material at all, and they are so simple! keep blogging Karls, i love it! xx

jprp said...

oh, and i notice you found the flag counter too, i found another one that shows actual visits, its called sitecounter im pretty sure, if thats wrong let me know i'll find out the real name!


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