Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crack of the Sparrows Arse

So, this morning I woke up at 5.10 am (ARGH! soooo not a morning person), showered, chucked on some very minimal make up (I thought I'd lost my make up on the flight back from Melbourne after my best mate's wedding and was totally pissed - mainly cause of the sheer cost of replacing it all, but also because I have one favourite eyeliner pencil, that's only about 2cm long these days, that I just can't replace - but then I spoke to Houghly last night and it turns out I'd left it at her place... it's in the post today and not a day too soon.  3 weeks without make up?  Nasty!)... yeah, so where was I?

Oh yeah... I headed into Coffs for my first Business Women's Networking meeting.  I was very nervous... you see, I'm one of those people who is loud, obnoxious and strangely charming when I'm around people I know - I've often been referred to as 'the life of the party'.  But... get me in a social situation when I know NO-ONE and I turn into a shy, wallflower with the inability to string two sentences together.  I often pretend I'm busy doing something so that people won't notice me... or really, so I don't feel like such a loner loser.  

I did manage to strike up a couple of conversations with some really fabulous women.  Afterwards, a few of us headed out for coffee.  We spoke of women in politics and business that we really admired.  Then one of the women said that she'd recognised me from Nambucca.  She lived in the next town north from here.  She was around my lovely mother-in-law's age and had mentioned that she grew up here.  Turns out... she was my MIL next door neighbour as a child!  She hasn't seen her in around 60 years!  Needless to say, I've already emailed MIL and I'm sure she will be very excited!  What a fucking small world!  (I think I just OD'd on exclamation marks)

Next on my agenda?  Joining the local community radio station and sharing some of my (mostly blocked out - due to this experience) knowledge.  

Grabbing life by the balls and making it my bitch, bitches!  Look out!

Oh and on my blog yesterday, I shared with you those fab words... After reading one of my fav blog bitches of all time, Little Moisey at Life is Banana's comment, for some reason the Baywatch theme instantly jumped into my head and I haven't stopped singing it since... problem is, I only know the first 2 lines!  Annoying!  So, yeah... thanks!  haha  ***some people stand in the darkness... afraid to step into the light... mumble mumble.. I won't let you out of my sight!  I'll be there... blah, blah, blah,.... da da don't you fear**** See I wasn't kidding!  I really don't know the lyrics.  Stuck in your head now?  

Jands... I won a voucher at this gig and it's for a high tea.  Better pack your bags again and get your super fine arse up here so we can cross that number 30 off your list (it's not the hills, so there's a small technicality)

And to Mezza... Thanks girl!  You rock the casbah.  I might not be a believer, but I believe in you (and value your support and prayers)!


Charis said...

On the road trip last fall I forgot my makeup and had to use some drug store stuff til my friend mailed it to me. SUCKED. I feel your makeup panic pain.

And I also understand the know-noone-shyness. It gets me too! But good for you for striking up convos anyway, and look what happened! Score! :)

jessalyn said...

omg i would die if i lost all my makeup. i am so glad it is on it's way home to you!

the cape is the same way with someone always knowing someone! it sounds like you networked quite well with the business women!

i didn't comment on the last post because i am just catching up on my blogging, but you are seriously amazing & an inspiration. keep being strong & brave! we don't know what we are capable of until we try! congrats on all the progress :)


MiMi said... was a nice post. You said some funny and smart things...but what stands out it "lovely mother in law." What? I don't understand this.

bananas. said...

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! you sang baywatch!!! you knew the words!!! LOL!!! all i see now is the hoff's hairy man chest moving ever so slowly along the beach. gahhhh!!!!

love ya woman!!! i will always be your little moisey :)

aladdinsane12 said...

i KNEW you would meet some fabulous ladies at the meeting! and you should totally join the local radio station- but you'd have to come up with a DJ name, even if you weren't really a DJ. you could be Gnarls Karls or Special K...those are awful...

sanjeet said...

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