Thursday, February 25, 2010

Talking Tursdee - Radio Gaga & titty titty bang bang

Last couple of days I've been swamped with work (a good thing). I've gotten up early, come down to my studio and started working merrily away. After around 10 minutes, my boobs start to annoy me. I can feel them hanging around my stomach and my sides... and it's truly not a pleasant feeling!  
After 2 hours of this bullshit, gross, disgusting feeling - and physically holding up udders up by placing my arm underneath them to take the weight, I finally go have a shower and bra up. What is with that? Why do I put up with the feeling (and let me tell you it's not pleasant) for 2 whole fucking hours before deciding to do anything about it. Laziness, I guess. Or just plain fucking stupidity!
Anyfatgrosstitties... As it's Talking Tursdee... today I bring you the story 'Radio Gaga' - it's a saga of fear, trepidation and self dis-belief... of a bad man in a great industry. You might wanna grab a cuppa and settle in for the long haul (or like the next 10 minutes). Having said that if you can't be fucked listening... I totally understand! It is Tursdee after all. I can't be fucked doing much after Tuesday morning.


The Boob Nazi said...

I hate wearing a bra but it's SO necessary. I want about two minutes before putting one on.

Smart Ass Sara said...

HEY! I did a post on bras just now. AND I have a little somethin' somethin' for you at mly blog. :)

meredith said...

okay, you must have XL boobs and i'm kinda jealous. i'm also kinda jealous of your work attire, too. what time is it there in the zealand right now that way i can imagine you in your environment. weird, huh? i sound like a creepy stalker. i know you love it.

i can't view this effing video! i'm going to have to view in a different browser.

Tracie said...

My pendulous boobs irk me so much that I've started sleeping in a sports bra. Then I'm not flopping about until I get in the shower.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Hottest. Voice. Ever.

Your boobs are probs hot, too.

jprp said...

well that there is a problem i doubt i'll ever have to deal with! like the updated title of this post too btw!!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

hahahaha I TOTALLY GET IT.

Le sigh. Big boobs.

Amy said...

Dude! You have balls of steel! I don't think I could have hacked that job for as long as you did! And?? You freaking won over the prick! Well done Karls!

Princess Andy said...

tennis balls in tube socks, sister.

that is all.


foxy said...

Yeah, i can't do the 'no bra' thing... my boobs disgust me too.

Your voice is so effing cool.

HeatherLynn said...

sister from another mr on the whole boob thing with you! seriously.

I HATE that feeling. In FACT, All while growing up, I'd sleep with a bra on, #1-i shared a room with my sister and I just didn't feel like free-boobing it around HER...#2-my friend who was 10 years older told me that if I wore a bra around the clock my boobs wouldn't get saggy when I was older, they'd stay perky much longer....and I've got to tell you, the woman was genius, because mine ARE much perkier than any set of big REAL boobs should be. :)

I don't suppose you'll be taking this advice and sleeping in a bra from now on though will you?! lol

Didn't think so!



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