Friday, February 12, 2010

What lies lurking...

My good real life friend Jands, got this rad care package sent to her from her best bloggy buddy Sara.  I decided to pop over there myself to see what kind of a person sends such a rad, thoughtful gift and found Sara had posted about the contents of her handbag.   What a rad idea!

They say you can discover a lot about a person from the content of their handbag... so without further ado, here's mine!

A recent purchase... wasn't sure about the purple, but they didn't have the black in stock. Now, I'm a fan.

It's dark, dingy and full of shit in there!

Mary Poppins-esque... how does all that shit fit in one tiny handbag?

A stubby holder... cause you'll never know when you get the thirst. Plus, if I'm going to a barbie or anywhere that tinnies or stubbies will be served, I alway forget to grab one to chuck in the esky. Practical and stylish?

A stack of paperwork and receipts - clearly a fan of the old stash and forget.

Because every responsible puppylicious owner needs a poo bag or two.

My keys... oh yeah, there are way more keyrings than keys on this fucker! The boxing glove was a present from my old gym/boxing buddy when I left Victoria.

I wear my sunglasses at night... So not for real. I'm not that much of a tosser! Notice the asthma puffer in the background... Can you believe I also used to be a pack a day smoker? Wrong! (although I do still steal one when I've had a beer or two)

iPod... bring the tunes to my gym work out baby. And a couple of pendants that arrived in the post yesterday (naughty naughty - told you I'm addicted)

And that about sums up the contents of my handbag.  What does it say about me?

I'm a beer swilling man girl who wears no make up, moisturiser or lip gloss, nor brushes her hair... right?  Hell, if there were no tampons or pads (and jewellery) in there you'd probably think I had a penis and this was in fact, a man bag.

Let it be known that I braved the mozzie ridden pergola to bring you this blog... I'm itchy from head to toe, so you bitches better appreciate it!

Oh yeah... and before I go start my weekend - remember to have a listen to yesterday's blog.  If you can't listen to it (cause you only check blogger at work, or whatev) let me know.

Now, put on the Aeroguard and 'aveagoodweekend!


Brown Girl said...

Ha, WTF is a tinnies or stubbies???? Haha, sometimes I am so confused! You have a lot of stuff crammed into that little bag, you gotta get a big one like me!!

♥Aubrey said...

I'm laughing my ass off...seriously!!! It's amazing how much crap us gals can shove inside our purses. You'd die if you saw mine. It's loaded with games for the a bunch of other crap that is exactly just that :)- Lol

Sometimes i think i need a dictionary to understand your Aussie talk. I luv it ♥

jprp said...

aww, good real life friend! :) i'm proud! So glad they ran out of black bags, coz that is RAD in purple! Oh, and Karly with a penis, just coz you chuck a packet of tampons in the picture, isn't gonna fool anyone into thinking your a girl! ;) (am i still your real life friend?) Gotta be off now, apparently i have some titties to squeeze for you!!! xx

bananas. said...

every good girl needs a mini boxing glove for their handbag. haha!

my purse is a hot mess. lately it's been looking like a file cabinet with all the paperwork i have in there.

have a great weekend lovey!

Anonymous said...

Depending on the season, it's amazing what's "stored" in my purse. I definitely would not want to get lost in there.

Stopping by from SITS. Have a wonderful weekend?)

Christy said...

v.funny..i knew i had to stop by when you said you prefer a choco dipped ding dong (wink wink)...
i gotta check out the rest of your posts now...good thing the weekend is coming up...lots of time!

"Seattle" Heather said...

You are so brave to empty out your purse for the world to not so brave...they might find the lil troll I keep hidden in there that runs my life. :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

YES!! I'm glad to see mine is still neat and organized compared to others. ;) HAHA!

I'm loving your keychain boxing glove. If I lived closer I would totally swipe it. Just kiddin! (Kind of)

I'm mad jealous over your purple purse. I bought a gold one and feel like a hooker carrying it. I shall post it someday.

HeatherLynn said...

whassup dudette. yes I just called you dudette...because of your manpurse and whatnot ya got going on here! I love your ability yo go boldly where not a lot of women would go....I don't have much in my bag i wouldn't want the world to know about....the oddest thing being a banana....for lunch...i don't normally carry a banana in my bag...but today I am.

I like the purple bag, mines plum....a little beat up though i must confess....this is year two for this bag, and boy I'm hard on the poor things! I must retire this one for sure after I'm done with it this time.

Have yourself a good weekend too....and hey, just for me, put some chap stick in that purse of yours, a nice brand with a little sunscreen in it! :) a girl's got to have nice soft lips if nothing else!


Amy said...

Ok, I'm super stoked today because I watched this new show last night with an Aussie lawyer in it ("the deep end" in case you were wondering), and because he used "stubby" last night on the show, I now know what that means.

Also? We call stubby holders "koozies" here in Louisiana. You should use it sometime and see what kind of response you get:)

foxy said...

LOVE that you carry a koozy with you (aka stubby holder - ha). More evidence that you are, in fact, my kinda girl. Always need to keep that beer cold - #1 priority!!

aladdinsane12 said...

ah, poo bags and asthma inhalers. quality stuff. :) i read one where a girl kept a toothbrush and toothpaste in her bag. that's just weird.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

your purse is way neater than mine... thanks for stopping by my blog last week!

gypsy said...

what's a stubbie? a beer? just found you and love you. mouth kiss! awk-ward.

Tracie said...

I love, love, love the purple bag! It would look very nice with my purple sunglasses.

Have a great weekend!

Kellyansapansa said...

Wow, that is a LOT of stuff. Great bag though!

Iva said...

its actually super organized compared to mine lol. I have all kinds of junk in mine. lots and lots of spare change just jingling around at the bottom too. even nail polishes, like 3 or 4 shades lol. although, it did come in handy the other night with my friend when she liked the color of my nail polish and I just so happened to have that shade with me! I was so happy to hand it to her!! Have a great weekend!!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Can I have the bag? No? Ok, I tried. Love the bag.

LMAO @ your boxing gloves.

In awe of your bravery, I will never ever reveal the content of my bag. A million bucks? Ok, I don't need dignity!

The Boob Nazi said...

My purses always have SO MUCH trash in them that I couldn't do this haha

Christine Vi said...

That's amazing! I have a stash of receipts that I always forget about. And I'm the same - no makeup or moisturizer, etc. Have a great weekend!

~KS said...

Since I am obsessed with all things purple, I am so jealous of your beautiful bag.... stunning.

Happy Valentine's Day... hope you and Micko do something super sexified and romantic today... or tonight, or both... enjoy!!


Always curious to know what's in the purple bag!


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