Monday, May 3, 2010

useless shit I've bought - part 3

I have quite possibly saved the best for last!  This is what happens when I decided I want to do something. It all starts with a crazy hankering to learn everything there is about it.  I then go full steam ahead and buy anything I think I might need.  I have very good intentions of putting all the stuff I've purchased to use... but instead, they sit and gather dust for the rest of my lifetime (while Micko points them out every now and then and hangs major shit on my stupidity).

Here is what happened when I wanted to go back to the late 70s and become a craft queen of Macrame!
I visited every op shop in the vicinity and collected a bunch of mags and books on crafty shit.

Anyone for Macrame?  Looks rad... but just too much hard work.  Well, actually I wouldn't know!

Ugly foot made an appearance.  

I don't know if you can see the dude in the middle... he is wearing the ugliest vest I've ever seen... but he certainly looks happy in it!

And just to remind you of how fabulous I am at craft... 

And that concludes the series of 'useless shit I've bought'.  Hope you found it somewhat enlightening.  I must also mention that I have a vast collection of unread Edward De Bono books - including a pack of cassettes further explaining the Six Thinking Hats.  In my defense, I did try to listen to them....... once.


Smart Ass Sara said...

Your books and magazines are so scary. They look like they are straight up out of an episode of Hoarders. ;)

Cathy said...

At least we know when you decide to do something you really go all in. And I can understand why you gave up on macrame, it's much more fun to buy something instead of make it!

bananas. said...

Here's to the conclusion of buying useless shit.

I hope you learned your lesson ;)

Hope you had a kick ass weekend!!!

foxy said...

Man, my mom macrame-ed the shit out of everything when I was a kid. EVEN OUR CHRISTMAS TREE. And I'm so not kidding about that. I actually really appreciate it as an adult, but as a kid I was all, what's with this shit??

Tracie said...

I do that with various kinds of crafts. Jewelry making? check. Soap making? check. Candle making? check. etc., etc., Sad, really.

Christine Vi said...

Haha, I loved it. I think we've all bought useless shit so it becomes pretty amusing to think about it.

WhisperingWriter said...

I've bought lots of useless shit before.

jprp said...

umm, thats about the greatest conclusing to "usless things..." i could have asked for, I'm surprised we didnt get them out when i visited, just imagine the fun we could have had.... but i did get to share a room with that lamp, for that i'll b forever greatful!

aladdinsane12 said...

LOVE it. 70's macrame magazines are my porn.

i'm kidding. i swear!

but that man in the vest? hot. i love a man in a denim shirt. ha!

♥Aubrey said...

I think we've ALL bought our share of USELESS SHIT!!! If only we were so brave to post-it for all to see like you have. I commend you hun :)

jackluci said...

May I suggest a new blog topic, along similar lines?

"Albums I didn't really need to buy".

We've all got at least a few!

sanjeet said...

Your books and magazines are so scary
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Anonymous said...

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