Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beach Exhibition

Beach pig Billy - check out those hooves!

Yesterday was stinking hot and humid... the kind of day where you get out of the shower, dry off and need to get back in cause you're wet with sweat and grease instantly.  Last night we had some crazy arsed storms!  Heaps of lightning, shitloads of thunder, squally (going horizontal) rain, wind and hail (yes hail!).  Today, consquently, is even more sticky!

Things are starting to wind down (hmmm... actually not starting, they have) so I've a little more time on my hands than usual.  Yesterday I even managed to spend 4 hours shopping in Coffs... picked up a (much needed) fan that I'd ordered in for the lounge room, bought my gorgeous little neice, Gidget, a very, very, super cute outfit for Chrissy... finished of my sis and possible sis-in-law presents and picked up Ned (my nephew) something he will LOVE!  So, that's Christmas all wrapped up (literally - I also bought 4 x 20m rolls of wrapping paper - I could wrap my whole fucking house I've so much of it).  I'm just waiting on a couple of things to arrive from the States (please postal service, be kind) and I'm done-diddely-done.  Yeehaw!

Anyways... took Billy for a walk on the beach today and went for a couple of swims... was very refreshing and exactly what I needed.  I notice a 4WD parked up at the headland, I also notice most people turn around when they reach there - but that's not unusal... most people only walk that far and back.  I reach the car, which is parked some distance up the beach with the door open, and notice more flesh than usual... kind of looks like someone giving a bj or effin the shit out of someone - I'm a little too far to see too well and I can't make out if it's two people or a solo Stan having some fun with his hand.  After looking that little bit too long (not that the person noticed)... I turn away... but glance back regularly to see if I can confirm my initial thought - someone's having sexy time in public.  I think to myself, 'No effin way.  Not possible.  Who would be that bold?' and keep walking.

I continue on for another half hour, take another dip and turn around.  As I come back round the headland, the car is still there, with the door open.  It becomes quite clear that there are two people and they were indeed naked before - they are now clothed, although the guys pants are around his ankles, I can see his arse clear as day, moving up and down, and it soon becomes bleedingly obvious that he is certainly banging this woman against the side of the car.  They take absolutely no notice of anyone walking past and continue on with their totally inappropriate pornoesque display.

As you would be aware, I'm not a big fan of public displays of affection... The older I get, the more prudish I become. Therefore a public shag is well out of the question (much to Micko's disappointment I'm sure).   These days I blush at a couple pashing in the street - totally weirds me out...  Sometimes I'm even freaked out if a dog gets his lipstick out. 

So, while I'm thinking this couple, should totally have gotten a room, I somehow find this public display facinating and found myself wondering who they were, how long they had been together, what made them decide to root in public, have I seen them before, are they on holidays, how can they be so unselfconcious... so many questions!  Made for an interesting walk... Not every day you come across some rampant exhibitionist blantantly rooting on the beach... eh! 

I'm soooo glad Billy didn't decide to go check them out... could have been totally embarrassing - more so for me I imagine!  Have you ever been witness to an out in the open porno sesh?


SharonK said...

But inquiring minds want to know - was it an ass worth seeing in broad daylight?

I am relieved I haven't been on the eyeball end of such a scene... it would be funny if I drove past it but not if I couldn't leave the scene quickly...

Now imagine if you were that guy, reading your blog this morning? Almost famous!

Little Ms J said...

I love learning the lingo! I'm going to start using "rooting." Alas, no sexy time for me in public. I'd blind someone with my alabaster derriere.

bananas. said...

These are the kind of escapades my bf dave sees on a daily basis but much much worse. I don't even want to corrupt your little prude heart with details. Just know...its fucked up.

P said...

I hope the postal service is good to me too! Still waiting for some stuff to turn up! Eek.

Elizabeth Marie said...

ay yi yi this stuff freaks me out! SO many questions is right.


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