Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Da weekend recap

Super old photo of Monty about a week old... 

Like I mentioned yesterday and Friday, we had Dave and Krabes and their 2 little angels come to stay.  Yesterday I posted about the peace and quiet, but what I didn't mention was that their kidlets are delightful!  They might be talkative, but they are also very well behaved, happy, well adjusted and adorable children.  It's a real shame I didn't take any pics cause I'd have love to show just how adorable these kids are. 

Monty has always been one of my absolute favourite children.  His is tiny, has a very high pitched voice and starts every sentence with 'Excuse me Micko' (Micko is his HERO).  He's obsessed with planes and helicopters and has been since before he could say 'plane'.   Youtube was a god send and Monty now wants a 'puter'.. of course we avoided any clip that included the word 'accident'.   Harvey is a charmer... a eyelash fluttering, bubbly, happy, smiley, cute faced charmer.

As we are one of those evil, childless couples that isn't fulfilled (how can we be when we don't have children) we always buy presents when little ones come to stay.  We bought Monty a remote controlled helicopter and for Harv's a soccer ball that flashes lights.  They were a hit!  I also bought a couple of smiley face cupcakes which Monty asked for around 3 million times... Cheeky bugger even opened the fridge to see if he could find them.  The kids were happy... and Krabes and Dave where happy - and that's the main thing.  They had had a hard few days down in Sydney and a loooong drive to our place, so we wanted to make sure they could relax and unwind.

Micko got to work on the Saturday baking a Roast Pork (Micko style) and I made a crispy noodle salad and a potato salad.  It was fucking stinking hot and having the oven on for 2 hours might have been a bit of a dumb idea - in hindsight.  We stocked the eskies with XXXX Summer Lager (my new favourite brewski), a few bottles of Sav Blanc and a couple of Champa's and we were ready to go.

The kids went to bed and we went to work polishing off the excess amount of grog... hitting the sack, very tired and a little worse for wear at around 3am.  The saying: "Early to bed (in the morning), early to rise, makes you hungover as hell, tired as all fuck and stinging for a couple of meat pies" certainly rang true!

We spent the day swimming in the river, at the V-wall tavern for a bowl of chips, a lovely arvo nap and dinner at the club.  Last time we went to the club for dinner, we won 5 meat trays and Monty was sooooo excited!  Each time one of our numbers came up, he'd jump up and down yelling 'we won!  we won!', then run through the dining room with his hands waving above his head.  He was stoked and the people enjoying their dinner all got a good laugh!  

So, Sunday night we entered the raffles again.  This time we had no luck and Monty was devastated.  We tried to explain that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and he started crying.  
Was it my lack of tact, or just no understanding of how children think?   Just when we were explaining, it's only meat - not something cool like toys, they announced a ham raffle... we had to buy tickets!  And, thank fuck, we won the 2nd last ham!  Great weekend all round... and the best part was the Marshmallow and Chocolate Cheesecake I had for dessert!  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm orgasmic!

I guess my point is... although they are noisy and sometimes relentless...  Children can also be charming and delightful... 
when they are someone elses!

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