Thursday, December 3, 2009

Negative Nancy - the follow up

Soooo, I had a mixed response to yesterdays Negative Nancy rant.  It seems the green I see, is certainly different to the green you see... and I love that!  The ability to see something from another perspective is awesome.  For the most part, I try to do that in my general life - the old sayings 'until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes' or 'try to put yourself in their shoes' - not sure why they are all based on shoes (I get why... did that concept exist before we all became shoe toting freaks?)

Some said I was warranted in the way I felt... Some thought I was a little selfish (granted... I certainly possess a little selfishness - and I think a little selfishness is a good thing)... Some thought I should give Nanc another go... and one thought it was a reflection on myself.

This last one made me think... It came from an anonymous so I have no idea who you are, but you did make me think.  I'm more than familiar with the concept that the things we don't like in others is simply a reflection of a quality we ourselves posess.  In fact, I'm well versed in this idea and spoke about it here.    Like I've said to the point of exhaustion before, life is all about perspective.  And I thought to myself, why am I seeing this negativity - and more importantly why is it hitting a nerve now.  Perhaps she was always like this and I've only recently started to see it.  Well, that's probably quite true. 

As you know, I've had a tough time lately.  I've been feeling isolated, I lost one of the most important people in my life and I miss my family and life in a busier town - be it Byron or Melbourne.  So, perhaps I am, myself, a bit of a Negative Nancy at the mome.  In fact, if I delve even deeper...

Yesterday, the blog I started writing wasn't the blog I ended up with.  It was based around perspective... My perspective of Nambucca.  The basis was this:

I'd been seeing the 'Buccs in totally the wrong light.  I'd been focused on the negative aspects, instead of the positive.  From the 'monetary value' not the 'lifestyle advantages' angle.  Here I was seeing a backwards town... where the best view in town was from the Woolies car park... where there is a big problem with alcohol abuse but another bottle-o approved by council (that will make 5 in a town of around 10,000).  What I wasn't seeing was the potential I used to see. 

The pristine beaches, the rainforest, the climate, the seclusion, the small town feel...  the cheap as chips real estate.  Sporting a tan in winter, being able to afford to live the good life thanks to a smaller than average mortgage but a nicer than average backyard.  The things that make where I live an absolute undiscovered gold mine...

But it needs to be more than that.  I can't spend the next 5-10 years waiting for the boom, I've got enjoy where I live (love where I live) whether a boom happens, or doesn't... and that's what I'm working on now.  I didn't move here to make a quick buck, I moved here because I fell in love.  So, it was that blog (which I ended up going down a completely different track from) that led me to the Nanc post.  A definite side track!

Looks like I've got some shit to work on... but a big thanks for those who helped me put things into perspective (could that be taking over from kick arse or muthafucka as my number one overused word?)
That's the greatest thing about living... every second you are on this earth you are constantly learning... and for me, well I'm well on the quest to becoming a better person - thanks to everyone in my life.

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Adorably Distracted... said...

Very true! we are all constantly learning!! Don't let others bring you down when you are working on being positive and finding yourself in a new town! Good luck :-)


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