Thursday, December 3, 2009

Micko's adventure

Yesterday, Micko called me around 8am, all excited, to tell me he was going to be spending a few hours in a helicopter flying around the Mid North Coast.  Granted, it was a work exercise - he had to GPS some of the stormwater and flood clean up stuff (I know sweet f'a about it but I think that's the rough idea).

I was spewing he didn't have the camera - as I said yesterday, little angel Monty is a plane and 'copter freak!  We spent hours watching planes on youtube and luckily I had a copy of Valiant (the story of a pidgeon who is dressed like a pilot trying to save the world - or something like that - I don't actually watch the movies, just have them there for when kids come round) that kept him entralled.  If Micko had been last week, we would have had hours of stories and pictures to keep Monty occupied.

Micko came home from work and told me allllll about it.  He loved the experience and managed to take a few pics on his phone - quality not the best, but hey beggers can't be choosers (and hell, he did just go on a free helicopter ride).

Micko looks like his shitting himself... there's a million videos he took where he is sporting the very same face, he says he was trying to smile.  Must have been the massive G Force - haha

A woman at the helm.

Prime farming land

The hinterland

A quarry... the water looks good enough to swim in! 

Looking out to the ocean from the hinterland... over a quarry.


jprp said...

wow, you live in a beautiful part of the world karls

Meg Fee said...

oh, i'd like to dive into that quarry right now, thank you very much!

drollgirl said...

what an amazing experience!!! i do't think i could do it. i am chicken shit and hate flying + heights. but the view is incredible.

and thanks for the hilarious comment you left. YOU ARE TOO MUCH. :)

bananas. said...

that is pure awesomeness! what a freakin cool experience and his face is classic. are sure you that's a smile? hahaha.


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