Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the road again...

Tonight, shortly after midnight, Micko, Billy and I will head off on the close to 20 hour trip down the east coast of Australia to my old home town of Melbourne.  There is soooo much to do before we go... I so should not be procrastinating right now. But hey!  You can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Gym (check), pack, clean car, clean house, walk dog, buy a few 4 packs of Mother (need some artificial help getting through this trek), cross my fingers and hope to hell the remaining 2 pressies I'm missing arrive in the post today, work, sleep, get the electrician round to fix the fan (check)... I think that about sums it up.  

I picked up some sedatives for the Bilby, although I'm a little reluctant to give them to him.  He is a pretty good traveller so I'd rather not dose him up on drugs unless it's necessary.

Oh and while I was doing my daily ritual of coffee (I know! I know!  Why???) and catching up on what's going down in bloggy town, I came across a couple of blogs that triggered memories of my childhood... Consumption Rebellion mentioned running through sprinklers (an old summer treat for people of my vintage, not so for kids of today - water restrictions have put a stop to that).  it made me recall countless summer days, running around the back yard, completely starkers (nude if you're not familiar with that term), soaked from head to toe.  This was always followed by a Zooper Dooper (an iceblock in plastic) and perhaps a few Twisties in a bowl.  Then there was the Slip 'n Slide!  A giant piece of plastic with a hose running down the side.   Awesome fun -especially when you're house was on a sloping block!   Although the Slip 'n Slide was fun... it always ended in tears!

The other was Summer's guest post at the fabulous K.Laws blog... A great story about stocking fillers and tradition.  I instantly remembered the pillow case that Santa would fill year after year.  We never did stockings, but we always did pillowcases.  In fact, when I moved away to Byron, my sweet mother secretly sent my presents and the original pillowcase to my Mother-in-law so I'd have a little bit of home with me.

I wasn't really feeling at all Christmasey (whatever that is) but those precious little tidbits have lifted my spirits and now I'm looking forward to...

The look on my family members faces when the open their gifts.
Christmas lunch at Nanna's (RIP) and swapping stories of previous Christmases with the entire family.
Christmas dinner with the crazy side of the family... beers, beers, beers and more beers.

I just need to get this friggen drive out of the way first!  Shitbomb of a car... be kind!

Oh and one last thing... the parcel man just delivered one of my missing presents!  One to go and I'm hoping it arrives with the mail man!

Happy holidays you rad, kickarse bitches (and pimps)... Love your work!


jprp said...

omg karls, i havent been able to log on for a few days (yep, serious withdrawals going on here!) havent you been busy, your blog looks friggen rad mate, i love it! safe trip to melbs, wish we were doing high tea, next time baby, next time! merry christmas scrubber xx

jprp said...

btw, stole your badge biatch, now your famous on my blog!xx

DesBisoux said...

have a wonderful roadtrip and nice holidays!

Charis said...

I'm so jealous of your time where it's nice and warm! Can my frozen toes come?

And sprinklers were the BEST. I remember getting so close that they'd sting my ankles, but I didn't care!

Have fun traveling!

Sharnanigans said...

Look at your fancy new look blog!! Looks great!

Summer said...

I am IN LOVE with your adorable blog design my love.

In fact, I may just need to visit it several times a day to feel happy.

Have fun on your trip cutie pie!



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