Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kayaking Karls

My river...

I know you've been checking back every five minutes or so to see if I've posted about my surprise yet...  You are sitting a little too close to the computer screen rocking too and fro while biting your nails - take those fingers out of your mouth now girl!  Don't you know how gross that is?

Well... I'm about to put you outta your misery!

Drum roll please.....

Micko tied me to the close line... whipped me with the hose for a bit.  Then he soaped up the slip 'n' slide and made me try running up the hill it was on, while holding a slice of Mars Bar Cheesecake in one hand and squirting me with a fire hose with the other.

Nah... just kidding!

Micko bought me a new kayak!  Wooooooot!  I'd kind of hoped he would, but didn't want to get my hopes up.  If it was a drive out to a waterfall for a swim I'd have been equally happy - it's totally the thought that counts. Pfffft!  As if!   He totally should have been thinking Kayak - all along!

No shots of me in my new best friend yet... perhaps on the weekend!  Although I did take it out last night for a test run and I love, love, love it!  We are going to have some great times together, me and Kayak.  I'm not quite sure how I lived without her.  

Micko was so jealous of my new love, he has gone to pick himself up another one today.   We can spend hours floating along the river on the weekend and evening... Incidental exercise - loving it!  

Now all we need to do is get ourselves something for the Bill to travel in and life will be perfecto!

Now this... is a great idea!  I'm going to look into this asap!


jprp said...

FINALLY! thats an awesome surprise! well as long as your not living in vic, too cold for afterwork smims here!! you sure live the life karls!

bananas. said...

that's so sweet! you're a kayaker :)

thanks for sending the dog ring. drollgirl actually sent me the same one last week. haha. great minds think alike.

can't wait to see pics of your in your swimmers in your kayak.

Elizabeth Marie said...

How fun!! I've never been kayaking.

Sooo your comment made me cry...your Nan sounds like my Nana who I miss on an hourly basis. XO

HeatherLynn said...

I effin Love Kayaking! LOVE IT! I'm so jealous of your present, but wildly happy that SOMEONE SEEMINGLY AWESOME got one, even if i didn't. :)

Oh, your pictures of warm weather, make me yearn for a day on a lazy river, NOT wearing the sixteen layers of clothes needed to keep warm today in frozen Ohio! *sighs*....well until spring comes, I'm setting up camp at your blog. Hope you don't mind! :)


ps - glad you came by...and left me a message, love to hear from new people, plus, it's the only way I know to go check out your page!


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