Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surprise Wednesday

The river at the end of my old street in Brunswick Heads - how I miss thee!

Micko rang me this morning to tell me he has a surprise install for me this arvo... He said to make sure I've been to the gym, walked the dog, gotten my work out of the way and anything else I need to do done before he gets home... and to be wearing my swimmers!  

I hung up... all excited and then boom!  I had one big concern.... I had to text Micko straight away!

"Wear my swimmers like trim up bitch there will others around who think your koala ears are fucked up and in no way cute (or patriarchal)?  Or wear your swimmers, I don't mind a bit of prickle you can see if your up close and look really hard?"

To which he replied...

"Just get ready for some water based activity.  Just you and me having some fun in shorts and singlets"

Ooooooo!  What on earth could it be?  Are we going to a waterfall?  Did he steal a jetski?  Is he going to tie me to the washing line as I run around and he whips me with the hose?  Are we going snorkelling?  Diving?  Out on a boat?  Are we going to a waterslide?  Is he going to put me in the back of his ute while he drives through a car wash? Or like one of my mates suggest on facebook... Two words - Golden Shower?  Did he find a second hand canoe or kayak?  Oh man!  I think my brain is going to explode from all the crazy, excited thoughts running through it!

I'd best go and get my shit together... Gotta walk the dog... go for a swim... have some lunch... do some work... and attend to the totally inappropriate koala ears, hippy-esque arm pit hair and legs like my old female Phys Ed teacher who had a mustache and cross eyes!  That could take me some time!

Until tomorrow my friends... when I put you out of your misery (or is it my misery)


jprp said...

omg! i so hope you get to go in the back of his ute for a ride through the car wash! i so so hope its that!!!

Little Ms J said...

Koala ears? That is fantastic. I am using that from now on! Hilarious!

drollgirl said...

WELL THIS IS EXCITING!! can't wait to get the skinny on your adventure!

Mayra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bananas. said...

"swimmers"? hahahahaha! you aussies are hoolarious!

have fun on your little adventure. better come back here and update us on the 411. that's info in case you didn't know :)

jprp said...

come on Karls, what happened????!!!!!!


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