Monday, December 14, 2009

Champagne Revelation

This could have been a Memory Lane Monday... had I not lost my memory!

Lately, I've had a realisation that perhaps I drink a little too much.  Scrap that... I drink a little too much champagne.  It's not unusual - being it's more common that not - for me to polish off 2 bottles in one sitting.  This has to stop.  Especially when it's just me and Micko at home... I end up making drunken phone calls and leaving inappropriate facebook messages - me + technology + 2 bottles of bubbles = embarrassing mess. 

So, Friday night I had a quiet one.  I drank 4 mid strength beers, watched a couple of eps of True Blood (thanks Fe) and was in bed by 11pm.  Saturday morning I woke up at 7.30, sprung out of bed and Micko and I got to work.  We painted another coat on the stairwell, I scrubbed the kitchen and sunroom floors (on my hands and knees with a bottle of orange power and a scourer), cleaned the house from top to bottom, vac'd under and on the couch, walked Billy down the beach for an hour, had a swim, went kayaking for 2 hours, then headed down the club for dinner.  I've never gotten so much done on a Saturday! 

For dinner I had a yummy Thai dish or two followed by around 6 schooners of beer.  We then headed home to watch Sound Relief (a concert held for the bushfire victims of Black Saturday) and had a couple more beers... then Micko pulled out the bottle of bubbles, poured himself a glass and I, of course, finished off the bottle.  I then made some random phone calls and went to bed... tsk tsk!  Only to awake the following morning with that empty dull champa's headache with thoughts of 'who did I ring last night?' echoing through my brain.

When will I learn?  I'm imposing a ban on having champagne in the house from now on... unless we are entertaining a fellow bubbles pig.  I'm much better, and predictable, on beer!


Amy said...

You are my overseas sister & I love you!!!!! I e'ffing live AND WORK with my in laws! For me to empty an entire bottle of red wine (per night) is commonplace! (given my current situation)

I don't do fb, but I often awake the next morning wondering what inappropriate tweets I spewed upon Twitter the night before!

No worries girly! If we ever by chance meet, we will surely empty bottles and bottles of the bubbles:)

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhh, yes. The's crazy addictive!


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