Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas - is in the bag!

It seems everyone has, or is, posting Christmas cheer on their blogs or facebook.  I'm not really one for Christmas cheer - I do love giving gifts, eating and drinking with those most important to me though (my family).

This year will be a tough one.  We are having the last Christmas at my Nanna's house - she would have wanted us to have one more big family Christmas at her place and I know she'll be there (in spirit) joining in on the laughs and beers.  Besides her huge presence, I will also dearly miss her Yo Yo's and Jelly Slice! 

I've been wondering if it's the end of an era... Will we all still celebrate as an extended family, or are those days over now that Lily's not around?  Will we start just doing the immediate family, with no cousins, Aunties and Uncles to speak of?  Man, I hope not!   It's being surrounded by those people that has made Christmas so special.  As I've lived interstate for a number of years, I've often had to miss out on Christmas with the fam... but going back and spending that past 2 years has been awesome.

This year, we are packing up the car and driving the 20 odd hours to Melbourne... this was potentially the last Christmas with Nanna around (unfortunately that wasn't to be) and we'd wanted to be there to share it with her.  While Nanna passed, our plans stayed put. 

Billy is making the trek with us - should be fun!?!  The plan is to go to sleep tomorrow arvo, wake up around midnight and take off at 1am.  That way, we'll make Sydney before the maniac traffic hits (not sure if it will be that bad - heaps of people have already finished up work so that should lighten the congestion a little).  We also didn't want to be driving down the Hume, dashing between those ridiculous B-Doubles (it's like playing Russian Roulette).

Anyways... this was going to be about all the rad presents I've bought and how awesome I am because I finished the shopping and it's all wrapped and ready to go.  Then I realised my bro's and partners might be reading and I don't want to spoil the surprises.

I will show you this though... For my Mum,  I got this stunning bracelet from Cathy Dailey's etsy store...

I am in love with it!  It is soooo my Mum - even has 3 little hearts - one for each child (mine is the biggest one haha)

So... Merry Christmas fellow blogland friends!  Hope you have a great time and overindulge a plenty!  Also, that Santa spoils you rotten!  Peace!


Little Ms J said...

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday with your family and the memory of your grandmother.

HeatherLynn said...

My whole family gets together too on my mom's side...aunt's cousins, cousins kids, grandma...the whole ball of wax...and I often times wonder, what will become of us after the passing of my Grandmother...for surely we won't keep her forever, eventually she'll take her leave...and then what? It makes me really appreciate the Christmases I have left....

You do be careful in your travels...and enjoy your holiday. and if you see Nanna, wish her a merry christmas...she'll be so glad that you came.


bananas. said...

first off, love the bloggy makeover. so full of sunshine and happiness. didn't take you for all that! haha. just kidding.

second, traditions don't have to end when family members pass on. my grandma passed away several years ago and to this day we make her traditional turkey and talk about her during the holidays. i know she's there in spirit...and by us keeping the traditions, we're allowing a little part of her to stick around :)

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry about your Nanna. It's first Christmas this year without my Papa and I'm hoping that we can make it a happy one for my Nonnie. That bracelet you bought your Mom is just beautiful!

drollgirl said...

oh, i hope you have a great christmas, and i am so sorry to hear about your nanna.

i am not feeling christmas at all this year, and can't wait for the holidays and the hype to be OVER WITH. maybe i'll be more into it soon? maybe not. oh well. either way is ok.

have a safe trip!

and ryan phillippe is a pansy FOR SURE!


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